3 Ways To Fail At Transportation

November 15, 2019

We focus on growth strategies, but have you ever wondered how to fail at managing transportation? It's easier than you think. In fact, you're probably already doing some of these things.


Ever wondered how to fail at managing transportation? It's easier than you think. In fact, you're probably already doing some of these things - just keep on reading.

Do all your paperwork manually

Who needs help with their paperwork? You're an amazing person, and you can do the paperwork for your entire company through word, excel, and acrobat. It's worked for decades, right? Sending out your invoices, load tenders, and waybills on paper or through email one by one - not only is it tried and true, its cheap too.

You know you're a winner when you spend more time on administrative paperwork than on building your business, right? That's how the biggest corporations do things, and thats the way you should be doing things too.

Don't communicate with your customers

Your customers don't need to be babied - they know how the transportation industry works, and that means that you don't update them at all until the shipments either done or something's gone horribly astray. And even then - the best way to do that is through an endless email chain that loops your entire company in and distracts everyone from work.

Sure, they'll call you and email you to ask for updates on their shipments, but that's just something you have to deal with. Remember, you're the most important person in this business relationship, and your customers have to play by your rules. Delete that pesky email and tell them you were on sick leave.

Keep your carrier partners in the dark

Same with your carrier partners - you're already paying them, why bother working more with them? You're already doing all the quoting and booking work through email with them, there's nothing else you need to do. Forget working together to provide your customers more detailed tracking - you're not even doing that!

When there are problems, you don't want to hear about it, not unless that means you don't have to pay them for the service. They're less your partners, and more mercenaries that you hire just to get a job done. That's the best way to move your customers' loads.

It's easy to fail - and you're probably already doing a number of these things

Why write this article this way? We've all read articles telling us how to change our operations to perform better, but frankly we as an industry and society have numbed out to it. So - think about it - are you doing any of the things in this article? Are you setting yourself up for success or failure?

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