Easy-to-use, Fast, and reliable Invoicing built for freight brokers

FreightPath provides freight brokers invoice their customers and log receipts from carriers easily, flexibly, and reliably.

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dispatch, track, and communicate from one easy-to-use mobile app

Having a good process for dispatching is no longer enough to stand out as a freight broker, dispatcher, or carrier. You need a modern driver mobile app like FreightPath that helps you provide value-added services to your customers.

Designed for freight brokers

Unlike pure accounting software, invoicing in FreightPath is built for the needs of freight brokers, allowing you to add accessorial rates and split shipments into multiple invoices.

Integrated Into your TMS Software

Since FreightPath invoicing is built directly into our TMS software, it all works seamlessly together as you build loads, find quotes, confirm rates and invoice your customers.

Integrated with Quickbooks

You can sync invoices created and sent in FreightPath automatically with a full API integration with Quickbooks Online — no more manual data entry or data entry errors.

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Invoice customers and carriers in Seconds

FreightPath makes it simple to invoice your customers in a fast, professional manner, with support for order linking, custom tax rates, and all manners of customization.

Link invoices to Orders in your TMS Software

With FreightPath invoicing you can link specific customer orders to an invoice so your clients know exactly what your billing for - no confusion.

Add the right tax rates for each order

FreightPath lets you add individual tax rates at the line-item level for maximum flexibility and compatibility with leading accounting software.

Create PDF invoices with a single click

Say goodbye to the days of filling PDF templates or working with clunky accounting software. Create beautiful PDFs in one click with FreightPath.

Integrated With QuickBooks For Faster Accounting

FreightPath invoicing is API integrated with Intuit QuickBooks so your team can avoid double data entry and get work done even faster.

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Sync customers and vendors with QB

FreightPath allows you to easily link your customers, vendors, and accounts in Quickbooks with the right carriers and clients in your TMS software.

Sync invoices directly with FreightPath

Do all your invoicing work in FreightPath - making it easier for your operations team and accounting team to work together on one platform.

Sync with Quickbooks in One click

With FreightPath's one-press QuickBooks Sync and Update, you can send invoices to QuickBooks and update them without double data entry.


FreightPath Invoicing Software helps your team collaborate more efficiently

Whether you have a team of three or a team of 300, FreightPath invoicing software helps you manage different roles within your organization and their access to the right information so that everyone can collaborate together seamlessly as a team.

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Invite unlimited users

Per-user costs punish your team for growing. FreightPath allows you to invite unlimited users in any role on your team.

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Create custom roles

Define exactly what access each user has to every aspect of your invoicing software so that your team's data and operations and safe from malicious use.

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Invite Your Drivers

Invite unlimited drivers from both your fleet and your carriers' fleets to the FreightPath Mobile App so you can dispatch, track, and sign loads.

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Create Templated Views

Give each team and user in your organization a customized, savable view into the orders, carriers, and customers that matter most to them.

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Log Order Updates

FreightPath records a comprehensive log of all activity for each order, giving you detailed info on every action your team takes.

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Automate Emails

Set up automated emails to yourself, carriers, and shippers that are triggered based on changes to booking, load, and invoice statuses.

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Customize Your data

Customize your TMS software with the right shipping locations, equipment, load item types, accessorials, tax codes, and charge types for your business.

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Tag Shipments

Create custom tags that you can use to organize and categorize individual shipments for any special reporting needs you have.

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Link invoices to orders

Link invoices to carriers with specific orders and shipping legs to manage complex multi-leg and multi-carrier shipments.

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Customize look and feel

Customize the colors and logos seen throughout FreightPath dispatch software to match your organization's branding.

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Customize Documents

Add customized branding and adjust contact information, legal text, and document layout for rate confirmations and bills of lading.

Export to CSV and Excel

Export any report you have created for shipments, carriers, drivers, or agents in seconds to CSV or Excel format with one click.


Ease-of-use is the biggest barrier to entry for improving your team's efficiency and ability to scale. FreightPath's software and mobile apps easy to learn for modern freight brokers, carriers, and dispatchers.


You shouldn't have to adapt your operations to your software. FreightPath's software and mobile apps are flexible so they can adapt to your company's unique needs and business model.


Your operations needs software and mobile apps that are proven. 1000s of freight brokers, carriers, and their employees trust FreightPath's robust software and mobile apps for their reliability and service.

“With FreightPath, the ability to track freight, complete paperwork, and share updates within seconds has become invaluable; not just for my team but for my customers and carriers too.”
Tandricus Thomas, Dispatch My Load
Book a 1-on-1 onboardingLearn more about our software
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