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Communicate With Drivers Effortlessly With Unlimited Driver Mobile Apps

FreightPath is the only freight broker and 3PL TMS software that gives you unlimited driver mobile apps for fast, accurate and simple dispatching and track and trace. Without any expensive devices to install, drivers can provide real-time track and trace, status updates, accept and review dispatched loads and capture digital PoDs.

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Four Ways The Driver Mobile App Changes Your Operations

Instant Digital Dispatch To Drivers

With FreightPath's dispatch software and driver mobile app, your dispatchers can send loads with attached documents and instructions straight to your driver's smartphone - without with confusion of text messages, email threads or calls while on the road.

Real-time track and trace with just a phone

FreightPath's driver mobile app comes built in with our TMS software - allowing you to track and trace freight in real-time with drivers, carriers and owner operators without having to pay for expensive devices or third-party services like Macropoint or Transflo.

Capture PoDs via scan, upload or esignature

Say goodbye to hours spent every week sorting through PoDs and bills of lading to invoice your customers. FreightPath's driver mobile app lets drivers capture PoDs with just a single click through an integrated scan tool, PDF upload or digital eSignature right on their smartphone.

Built-In Cloud Doc Storage and sharing

Replace your expensive cloud document storage and sharing solution with a purpose-built document management tool for freight brokers and 3PLs. Drivers can upload documents securely right on their phone with the driver mobile app, logged and sorted by shipment.

unlimited Real-Time Track and trace with no hidden costs

FreightPath's driver mobile app integrates directly with our TMS software and dispatch software to provide you and your customers with unlimited track and trace.

Unlike other solutions, it requires no expensive hardware to be installed, has no hidden per-shipment costs, and doesn't require any third-party integrations to work.

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Drivers Receive Dispatched Loads Right On Their Phone

Say goodbye to the days of having to text drivers directions to pickup locations and printing out bills of lading for drivers to sign.

FreightPath's driver mobile app is integrated with our dispatch software so drivers receive their loads with full instructions, routes and digital bills of lading so they know where to go as soon as you press dispatch. No more confusion or dispatch mistakes.

Capture and share Digital PoDs via scan, upload or esignature

FreightPath's driver mobile app eliminates the pain of capturing PoDs, collecting them from drivers and sorting them to get shipments ready for invoicing. It's the best way to capture PoDs for freight brokers, 3PLs and more.

With a single click, drivers, carriers and owner-operators using the driver mobile app can scan signed paper copies of PoDs using the integrated scan tool, upload signed PDF copies from the shipper, or collect digital eSignatures from shippers right on their smartphone.

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Make Your TMS Software Your Competitive Advantage

Get started today with FreightPath's flexible TMS software and see the difference it can make to your 3PL or freight brokerage today.

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