FreightPath Affiliate Partner Program

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Why be An Affiliate Partner?

The FreightPath Affiliate Partner Program gives you an easy, simple way to earn extra money by leveraging your network. Apply today to see what you could be earning every month.


100% Free For You To Get Started

It's free to become a FreightPath Affiliate Partner - we provide you everything you need from marketing material to guidelines.


Make Up To 50% IPV Commission

FreightPath's affiliate partner program is lucrative - partners earn up to 50% commission on initial payment value


No Long-Term Commitment

Once you're an approved affiliate partner, it's up to you to decide if you want to stay in the program on a month-by-month basis.

What Requirements Do I Need To Meet?

The FreightPath Affiliate Partner Program is available to logistics and logistics technology professionals. We're looking for people with a wide network who are passionate about technology, and align with our values of transparency, equality and visibility.


Logistics And Freight Tech Professionals

The affiliate partner program is available for professionals in either logistics or logistics technology.


Not Affiliated With Any Other Tech Vendor

Unfortunately you won't be able to join if you have conflicting affiliations with other direct competing vendors.


Align With Mission, Vision, and Values

We want to ensure that our brand mission, vision, and values are upheld by all of our affiliate partners.