TMS Software That's Flexible, Powerful, And Insanely Intuitive.

FreightPath's award-winning and easy-to-use freight broker TMS software is the evolution of traditional TMS software that makes it easy for your freight brokerage to run operations like a boss.
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FreightPath's TMS Software Creates ROI

Save Time On Your Manual Paperwork

FreightPath helps you save valuable time filling rate confirmations, creating bills of lading or capturing PoDs. Not only do you save time with our automation features, FreightPath's freight broker TMS software makes your documents look better, more professional, and more consistent.

Train And Onboard New Employees Faster

Thanks to FreightPath's award-winning hypercare, team management and tms customization, it's incredibly easy to train and onboard new employees whether they're in sales, dispatch or accounting so your can save money and time when implementing new freight broker TMS software.

Automate Repetitive Manual Tasks

Most freight brokers and 3PLs are spending 60-70% of their day on repetitive manual tasks that can be automated. Thanks to FreightPath's customer portal, carrier portal, driver mobile app and email integration, you can take back your lost time.

See Immediate Return On Your Investment

When software takes month to train, and expensive training package without hypercare, it can take months if not years to see the ROI promised by sales. FreightPath's freight broker TMS software eliminates this with ease-of-use and free 24/7 hypercare.

Speed Up Workflows and conquer your day

We built FreightPath's award-winning freight broker TMS software to take away those obstacles and make your day-to-day tasks a breeze - whether it's capturing PoDs, dispatching with the driver mobile app or sharing track and trace with the customer portal.

freightpath freight broker tms software screenshot pod capture proof of delivery esignature
Create, Fill And Sign Documents In Seconds

FreightPath's award-winning freight broker TMS software comes with everything you need to create, fill and sign professional-quality documents like your rate confirmations and bills of lading that can be customized with your team's branding.

freightpath email integration automation screenshot gmail email client customized emails email automation for freight brokers 3PLs
Save Time On Common Emails With Automation

Freight brokers and 3PLs often find themselves spending time on repetitive tasks throughout the day, like confirmation emails, check calls, and track and trace. FreightPath's TMS software eliminates this work with features like email integration and track and trace.

freightpath freight broker tms software screenshot 3pl software load board reporting
Capture And Share Proof of Delivery Instantly

It's essential for your team to quickly and accurately capture PoDs and sort them. However, many 3PLs and freight brokerages are still stuck with manual paper-heavy processes. FreightPath automates this with instant PoDs and esignatures through the driver mobile app.

Take Your Freight Network Digital With Portal Technology

FreightPath's TMS software for freight brokers and 3PLs gives your team the customer portal and carrier portal technology you need to automate communication while also improving the customer and carrier experience.

freightpath tms software screenshot shipment details load sheet bill of lading dispatch customer portal 3pl software
Give Your Customers Self-Serve Access

Shippers today expect the option for fully self-serve digital services like Uber and Convoy. Compete with digital brokers by providing online booking, track and trace and document access through your own white-labelled customer portal with FreightPath's freight broker TMS software.

freightpath tms software screenshot carrier portal carrier dispatch software 3pl dispatcher digital freight network
Dispatch Loads To Your Carriers Effortlessly

In our research, more than 45% of freight brokers in North America have had delayed loads due to carrier miscommunication over email and text. FreightPath eliminates this with a completely digital dispatch software through the carrier portal and driver mobile app.

freightpath freight broker 3pl tms software document management software cloud storage trucking dispatcher document sharing storage
Built-In Cloud Document Sharing And Storage

Eliminate hundreds of dollars in unnecessary software costs every month with FreightPath's built-in cloud document management and sharing services. Enjoy automatic shipment sorting, unlimited storage and customer or carrier sharing without having to spend more.

Eliminate Paperwork Headaches With Digital Documents

FreightPath's freight broker and 3PL TMS software makes it easy to capture PoDs through the driver mobile app, sort them online and create and send professional-quality invoices in only a few clicks.

freightpath tms software driver mobile app freight broker 3pl carrier disaptcher esignature pod capture scan app trucking
Capture PoDs With The Driver Mobile App

FreightPath's freight broker and 3PL TMS software comes built-in with our award-winning driver mobile app so you can capture PoDs from your drivers, carriers and owner-operators. Use our built-in scan tool to take high-quality scans of paper copies, upload PDFs directly or sign digitally with eSignatures directly on your drivers' smartphone.

freightpath freight broker 3pl tms software invoicing quickbooks sage screenshot
Create Professional Quality Invoices In Seconds

Upgrade your existing accounting software like Quickbooks or Sage with FreightPath's invoicing tools - built into our freight broker and 3PL TMS software. Create professional-looking invoices in seconds, and share them digitally with customers instantly via email and our award-winning customer portal so they can review online and pay faster.

freightpath freight broker 3pl tms software expense tracking factoring integration quickbooks sage screenshot
Track Your Expenses With Carriers And Drivers

FreightPath's invoicing tools are a convenient way to track expenses with carriers and drivers without having to leave your TMS. Easily log expenses like driver pay, fuel expenses, factoring costs and more accurately. Add even more power by integrated with your accounting software so that changes are sent in real-time with no double data entry.

“With FreightPath, the ability to track freight, complete paperwork, and share updates within seconds has become invaluable; not just for my team but for my customers and carriers too.”
Tandricus Thomas, Dispatch My Load
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