FreightPath Customer Referral Program

Get $50 credit for every referral to FreightPath. Plus, get an additional $50 for you and your referral if they start a paid plan.

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How Does it Work?

It's easy to get started with the FreightPath customer referral program - and there's rewards for everyone.


Sign Up And Get Your Own Referral Landing page

After you've signed up, we'll set you up with your own referral landing page to track your referrals.


Refer Your Network To FreightPath Using Your Page

All you have to do is send your referral landing page to your network and wait for responses.


Get Rewarded When They Enter Their Contact Info

You'll get a $50 credit for FreightPath when your referrals enter their contact info on your landing page.


Get Rewarded Again If They Sign Up For A Paid Plan

If your referral starts a paid plan, you'll both get an additional $50 credit each to use for FreightPath.