Seamless Enterprise Distribution

FreightPath brings your customers a seamless experience with advanced visibility, API integration, and automation built in

What is FreightPath

Innovative and Flexible

Modular Platform

Configure your platform to your company’s unique needs with modular components and API integration

Advanced Visibility

Access advanced freight analytics and insights throughout your operations in one centralized module

Flexible Automation

Automate booking, shipping, quotes, and access automatically digitized documentation for all your shipments

Our Story

Our Story

Our journey began at the intersection of IT and trucking – through our  technology, we hope to bridge the gap between distributors and carriers more efficiently and intuitively. 

With our uniquely integrated platform, we are able to provide a seamless experience for distributors and their entire network of transportation partners. Though the journey is long, with FreightPath you’ll never have to make the trip alone. 

Our Modules

Modular and Flexible

FreightPath’s modular implementation lets you create a customized logistics solution specifically for your business needs, and allows for flexible purchasing, upgrading, and deployment

Order Fulfillment

Create Seamless Experiences

Give your clients the power to visualize the status of their orders as they move through the supply chain from the first mile to the last


Become Data Driven

Track every aspect of your shipment status and monitor KPIs on an integrated and customizable dashboard


Get Paid Faster

Speed up your invoicing and billing process with automated creation of electronic pre-populated documentation for all your shipments


Smart Automation

Intelligent bidding on both spot and negotiated quotes creates better relationships with your carrier network while optimizing prices

The FreightPath Advantage

The FreightPath Advantage


Any carrier, any transportation method, FTL, LTL, and carrier – FreightPath is a true omnichannel platform

Cloud Native

Seamless onboarding, instant access to data, and enterprise grade security so you can focus on your business


Intuitive user interface design makes FreightPath easy to use, learn, and understand for anyone


“FreightPath has helped my company simplify our distribution operations, and ramp up our onboarding time with new hires significantly.”

Harry Driedger, CEO Tretan Inc