Dispatch, Track, Share

More Visibility For Clients.
More Business For You.

Give your customers peace of mind with easy-to-use and powerful shipment tracking and dispatch

Give Your Customers Peace Of Mind

Sell Directly To Your Customers

Building an online presence for your trucking company has never been easier, faster, or more scalable.

Your Back Office Co-Pilot

Stop stressing about your back office tasks. Automatically create documents, labels, invoices and more.

Dispatch Directly To Drivers

Dispatch new shipments directly to yourself and other drivers using the FreightPath Driver App

Reduce unexpected logistics risks for your customers by providing real-time visibility and status alerts

Simplify Your Dispatch

Dispatch shipments easily to company drivers, independent operators, or third-party carriers

Track Your Shipments

Track shipments in real-time and share details with clients securely through shareable web links

Collaborate In Real Time

Communicate and share inside and outside your organization with features designed to help you work smarter

Today our clients expect full transparency. Tretan was able to close over $20 Million by de-risking projects with FreightPath

Harry Driedger
President of Tretan Inc

Harry Driedger

Dispatch, Simplified.

Streamline your LTL and TL shipment dispatch process with the easiest to use and learn software on the market

Internal Drivers

Invite and dispatch to company drivers easily via the FreightPath Mobile App for Android or iOS

External Carriers

Provide the same level of tracking whether it's your own driver or brokered with permission-less dispatch.


Full LTL and TL feature set with support for milk runs, inventory, and in-depth shipment details

I paid $500 for 100 tracks with MacroPoint that were only valid for a few months. FreightPath has changed everything with unlimited tracking at an affordable cost

Rosa Porter
Owner of ASOR Logistics

testimonial asor logistics

Provide Advanced Visibility

Share tracked shipments with clients easily while maintaining full confidentiality without the passwords

Real-Time GPS Tracking

Get live GPS visibility on shipments through the FreightPath mobile app, or track manually with any browser

Live Status And Activity Feed

Receive real-time status updates from drivers and carriers for all shipment events and activity

Password-Free Tracking

Provide secure and confidential tracking to clients without the hassle of managing passwords

With FreightPath, our customers have the opportunity to provide updates to their staff & customers, with peace of mind that the information is current and accurate.

Jeff Grimwood
President of Wood-Hall Logistics

testimonial marrs trucking

Real-Time Collaboration

No more check calls or broken email threads - collaborate with your stakeholders in real time

Communicate With Customers

Share and collaborate on shipments with customers through an intuitive and secure portal interface

Work Closer With Partner Carriers

Invite your partner carriers network, and empower them with tracking and dispatch from FreightPatb

Team Software That Just Works

Unlimited seats for your dispatchers and account managers so you can actually work with your team

Using FreightPath I can become a millionaire by the end of the year! I was able to get more repeat business by providing extra value to clients.

Dedric Marrs
Owner of Marrs Trucking LLC

testimonial marrs trucking

Easy Setup And Support

Enjoy software that's as easy to setup as it is powerful

Intuitive UI

Our easy-to-use and learn platform makes getting your team onboard a breeze

Unlimited Seats

Work collaboratively with your dispatchers and account managers without hidden fees

Free Upgrades

Never pay again for another software upgrade with continuous improvements free

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