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The Easiest To Use TMS For Freight Brokers

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Sure, it helps you book loads, automate paperwork, and track your freight. But there's more—it takes your brokerage digital with tools like online quotes, customer portal and a private load board—that helps you build relationships with your customers.

Your One-Stop Shop To Build A Winning Digital Freight Brokerage

Your Own Customer Network

Build a stronger relationship with your customers by letting them book, track and manage loads and invoices online in one simple solution.

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Your Own Private Load Board

Instantly post loads to your own private load board, where carriers can accept, dispatch and complete paperwork for loads in one easy-to-use system.

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Industry Leading TMS For 3PLs

Stay ahead of the paperwork and emails with best-in-class TMS automation that helps you do your job faster with fewer mistakes.

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the only TMS with 24/7 HyperCare Included On Every Plan

Say goodbye to slow, robotic, unhelpful customer service forever when you choose FreightPath. With our industry leading HyperCare, you can give a real customer success manager a call, text, email or online chat and get answers in minutes. Best of all, there are no hidden fees or additional charges because we believe that every FreightPath customer deserves the best, most responsive support.

Your Own Personalized Onboarding Success Plan

We understand that choosing, buying, and setting up a brand new TMS can be daunting. That's why we work with the best professional software implementation consultants to build you a personalized onboarding success plan when you go with Freightpath

24/7 Customer Support With A Dedicated CSM

Unlike other TMS companies, with our HyperCare you have access to your own dedicated customer success manager that you can call, text, or email anytime for help. Say goodbye to canned replies, overseas call centers, and holding music.

1-on-1 Feedback sessions And Training Anytime

We know that training can make or break your experience with a TMS. So, why do other TMS companies charge an arm and a leg for basic training? We don't get it either. With HyperCare you can book 1-on-1 or group trainings at any time free of charge.

Broker Freight And Confirm Rates Fast

Freight brokers are able to book loads, confirm rates, and send bills of lading in record speed with FreightPath.

Unlike other TMS software, there are no confusing menus, multiple screens or multiple steps to booking loads. Everything is available at your fingertips to save your freight brokers time on every load.

This program is extremely helpful in all ways required, help is always available, training is always available!

North Toronto Group Logistics

Adam Nicholson
Operations Manager at NTG Logistics

Give Your Shippers Real-Time Track And Trace

Traditional freight brokers can spend hours every day calling shippers and drivers to give and get status updates on their loads.

FreightPath-powered freight brokers skip this work and provide more value to shippers with real-time track and trace powered by the FreightPath driver mobile app.

"Today our clients expect full transparency. Tretan was able to close over $20 Million by de-risking projects with FreightPath"

Harry Driedger

Harry Driedger
President of Tretan Inc

Price Your Rates Better Than Competition with Margin analytics

Traditional freight brokers often make pricing decisions on a whim, resulting in lower margins, expensive carrier rates, and inefficiency.

FreightPath gives freight brokers clarity into what their pricing should be for each lane, carrier, and customer - improving brokerage-wide margins, carrier performance, and shipper satisfaction.

"I paid $500 for 100 tracks with MacroPoint that were only valid for a few months. FreightPath has changed everything with unlimited tracking at an affordable cost."

testimonial asor logistics

Rosa Porter
Owner of ASOR Logistics

Save Hundreds of hours a week by automating your paperwork

Traditional freight brokers are still doing their paperwork manually - resulting in duplicate data entry and a easily-lost paper trail.

FreightPath gives you time back by automatically creating amazing bills of lading and rate confirmations with your branding and logo. You can even upload custom documents and collect eSignatures.

"With FreightPath, our customers have the opportunity to provide updates to their staff & customers, with peace of mind that the information is current and accurate."

testimonial marrs trucking

Jeff Grimwood
President of Wood-Hall Logistics

Keep Your Freight Brokerage's Data Private

We know that as freight brokers, your competitive advantage is in your data, knowledge and insight. That's why unlike our competitors, we don't profit from, use or share your freight brokerage's data with other customers or third party outsiders.

Get Forever Access to your past shipments, documents and data

Sleep easy knowing that FreightPath will keep your data safe, secure and private in our cloud servers for as long as you want.

Keep ownership of your rates, shipments and address book

Unlike our competitors that charge you hidden fees for maintaining your data, our pricing is simple and includes full coverage.

Free Data Migration Services For New And Existing Customers

Need help transferring data from an older TMS? We offer a free data migration service to get you up and running faster.

FreightPath Makes It Easy To Run An Amazing Freight Brokerage

Our team of freight brokerage and freight technology experts is here to make your job - building and scaling an amazing freight brokerage - easier with software, advice, and programs that take your brokerage to the next level.

Free 1-on-1 Software Training And Onboarding

At FreightPath we don't believe in cookie-cutter customer success.

Instead, we believe in providing 1-on-1 dedicated attention to helping you get the most out of our software - whether you're on day one or day one thousand.

Expert Advice From Former Freight Brokers

Nobody understands how to run great freight brokerages like real brokers.

That's why we work with expert freight brokers who have grown their own brokerages to provide expert advice and consulting for your business.

Continous Support And Improvement.

FreightPath is continuously improved and upgraded for all users.

This means that there's never any upgrade fees, installation time, or physical servers to worry about. Your software is always up to date.

Freight Brokers Trust FreightPath To make their business great

Our customers across North America are building amazing freight brokerages with technology from FreightPath. Read their stories to see how you can save time booking loads and provide added value to your shippers at the same time.

Your One Stop Shop To Build A Winning Freight Brokerage

Join hundreds of other freight brokers who trust FreightPath to power their digital freight brokerages.

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