Who We Are

We're Empowering People With Technology

In 2015, FreightPath was founded to deliver an interconnected trucking and shipping industry - powered by tech to provide services with advanced visibility and exceptional customer service

How We Started

Connecting Truckers And Shippers With Technology

After years of working with enterprise supply chain solutions and leading 3PLs in North America, founder Gwenaël Malbec saw a huge opportunity and a chance to positively affect the lives of the over 8.7 million people working in logistics by making the technology he knew and loved accessible to everyone in logistics.

He founded FreightPath to deliver on this vision of an interconnected industry - powered by technology to provide services with advanced visibility and exceptional customer service.

Along with an ambitious team of freight industry experts and technology innovators, Gwenaël and FreightPath have been determined to bring an incredibly powerful freight management platform to everyone and anyone.

Our Mission


Provide unparalleled operational visibility to empower leaders to make better informed decisions

Our Vision


Introduce accessible visibility, automation, and efficiency to transform industry paradigms

Our Values


Embrace a true transparency for team members, investors, and customers alike

Leadership Team