Our Mission Is To Improve Logistics Transparency, Equality And Visibility

When we started FreightPath, we saw a logistics industry in need of change. We're building a platform where any 3PL, their customers and their carriers can collaborate digitally with full transparency and visibility.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide quality transportation professionals with well thought, well built transportation software. We work to equip you with the most flexible and easy-to-use TMS in the market to help you make your business more profitable.

Growing existing accounts is what makes our existing customers the most successful.

Serve customers better

We allow your team to better serve new and existing customers - resulting in expanding your footprint with existing accounts.

Move freight efficiently

We allow your existing team to move more freight and provide a higher quality of service to existing customers.

Our Vision

Transportation is at a crossroads with the rise of freight technology of many kinds. There is transportation technology for literally every process of your transportation operations. Yet, we do believe that those technologies are not built equal and will have different impacts in the industry.

For instance, We believe that direct freight matching technologies, including load boards, is a direct threat to the freight brokerage industry. Soon freight and capacity will be matched digitally without the need of human interaction.

We are in business to actually do the opposite. We believe in the value that a freight broker, a 3PL and a carrier brings to the table. Our vision sees these professionals empowered with a technology that is at their disposal to help them succeed in this competitive world. You want to provide quotes faster, onboard new carriers faster, generate your reports faster and have a tight grip on your team’s productivity. 

Our Values

In everything we do, we strive to be fair. At FreightPath, we stay far from the hype of shiny technologies that never delivers on their promises. We deliver to you and your team an intuitive, flexible and powerful All-In-One Transportation platform that will boost your team’s productivity and establish trust within your Network.