Tim Dooner Explains Why Content Marketing Matters In Freight

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Tim Dooner Explains Why Content Marketing Matters In Freight
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Tim is a seasoned multi-media expert with over 15 years of experience in the freight industry as a Podcast & Radio Host, writing and producing logistics based shows such as WHAT THE TRUCK?!?, FreightWaves Insiders, Put That Coffee Down, Morning Minute, Midday Market Update and Sirius XM's RoadDog Trucking ch. 146. He started in the industry as an independent podcaster producing his own shipping show to create one big freight network, now focusing on making organic content, and exploring alternative marketing avenues as FreightWave's Director of Audio & On-Air Host. 

This week on the Lord of the Rigs Tim Dooner from FreightWaves joins Terry to discuss the importance of content marketing in the supply chain and transportation industry. You might think content marketing is all white papers and websites, but the rise of modern media has driven podcasting to become an explosive new marketing medium. From spreading brand awareness to creating a community of potential like-minded prospects, all while cutting down costs.

Specifically, we talk about how to use podcasting as your Trojan horse to sell at the C-suite level, as well as scaling practices to generate indirect profits in the long run. Plus how to overcome the challenges of establishing a legitimate podcasting career by capitalizing on mainstream and segmented media channels to ultimately create organic growth, and engage your audience.

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