Dispatch My Load Saved $1000s A Year By Dispatching With FreightPath

Tandricus Thomas, Founder & CEO at Dispatch My Load

Dispatch My Load Saved $1000s A Year By Dispatching With FreightPath


Dispatch My Load is a 3PL and dispatching service serving the US and Canada that service carriers running dry van, reefer, flatbed, stepdeck and hot shot freight.


Atlanta, USA


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Dispatch My Load, LLC is​ not just any dispatching service, ​our ​mission & vision of being a proven leader in logistics, transportation, and the trucking industry in North America. We pride our team on superior customer service that exceeds our carriers’ expectations by providing the highest paying freight and a sense of a great team standing behind them as they accomplish their dreams.

How do you start and scale a third party logistics (3PL) company without spending a fortune on tech?

This was the problem Tandricus Thomas saw when he began building his vision for Dispatch My Load - an ambitious project he knew needed technology to succeed. With his past experience in freight, he knew that operating a dispatching service for carriers would require extensive planning, tracking, and reporting of the work his agents were doing. On top of that, the carriers he worked with would need up-to-the-minute updates on the loads they had been dispatched.

Tandricus knew that he needed the right tech for Dispatch My Load - real-time status updates, accurate reporting, and collaboration would be key.

That's why he chose FreightPath to provide real-time track and trace, paperwork automation, and a collaborative platform for his quickly-growing dispatching 3PL.

Why Choose FreightPath?

With so many options available to new freight brokers and dispatchers on the market today, why did Tandricus choose to go with FreightPath? The answer is simple - to succeed with new tech, it needs to be powerful, easy-to-use, and affordable. Most TMS software accomplishes two of the three - FreightPath accomplishes them all.

After several weeks of reviewing other dispatching software, there was nothing that I felt that I can grow my company with that was going to take a huge burden cost from our Tech budget. Since I start using Freightpath and rapidly growing our dispatching team I really see a great system to grow with that has the best technology and reporting forecasting to help stay in the industry trends and the ability to grow that will NOT take a huge budget cost as we continue to grow our agency.

With a quickly growing dispatching business, Tandricus and his team needed to be able to quickly record carrier and shipper information, book loads, track freight and help everyone communicate with each other. FreightPath provided an easy-to-use solution that let Dispatch My Load provide the best quality information on their shippers’ freight while making sure their carriers were well taken care of.

With FreightPath's easy-to-use TMS for 3PLs and freight brokers, Tandricus was able to provide the following tech solution for his dispatchers, carriers and shippers at Dispatch My Load:

  1. Real-time status and location visibility
  2. Built-in portals to work together with carriers and shippers
  3. Automated paperwork to speed up load booking

In this customer story we’ll see how Tandricus was able to accomplish this with the help of FreightPath.

Real-Time Track & Trace

The first value that FreightPath was able to bring to Dispatch My Load was the ability to provide real-time track & trace across all the carriers they worked with. Thanks to the easy-to-use FreightPath Driver App, individual drivers could accept loads, provide real-time GPS tracking and status updates as their loads progressed.

Real-Time Track & Trace Dashboard Powered By FreightPath

‍With the combination of the FreightPath Driver App and cloud-based TMS, Tandricus and his team could dispatch loads to drivers and provide real-time track & trace back to shippers and brokers seamlessly with no additional costs.

What gave FreightPath the advantage compared to other TMS or track & trace software was the ease of use. With an intuitive mobile app and under-2 minute load booking process, FreightPath made it easy for Tandricus to work with both large and small carriers at any level of tech proficiency.

Built-in portals to work with carriers and shippers

Of course, the role of a dispatching company isn’t just to track & trace freight. As any good dispatcher knows, the most important part of the job is communicating between carriers and shippers quickly and accurately.

While this seems simple on the surface, even the best dispatcher looking at hundreds of loads everyday and making check calls manually is bound to make mistakes and forget some loads.

FreightPath makes this process easy again with customer and carrier portals that make it effortless for dispatchers and brokers like Dispatch My Load to collect information from carriers and share it with shippers (or vice versa) in real time.

Before FreightPath, dispatchers like those at Dispatch My Load would spend hundreds of hours every week manually updating shippers and carriers. Thanks to FreightPath, Tandricus and his team were able to cut that down to minutes for every load - saving hundreds of hours in manual check calls every week while also providing a better customer experience for shippers and carriers.

Automated paperwork to speed up load booking

Along with real-time track & trace and customer portals to share with shippers, FreightPath was able to help Tandricus and the Dispatch My Load team further cut their load booking time to under two minutes per load.

This was possible thanks in large part to automated paperwork for each load - including bills of lading, rate confirmations and proofs of delivery. Like other TMS and dispatch software, FreightPath allows Dispatch My Load to upload key documents and share them for viewing with shippers and carriers.

However, what Tandricus found was that FreightPath was able to outperform every TMS in the price segment thanks to its ability to not just store documents, but generate custom bills of lading, rate confirmations and proofs of delivery with Dispatch My Load’s Logo and information. This allowed the dispatch team at Dispatch My Load to book loads in under two minutes, and automate the sending of documents thanks to integrated emailing.

My Dispatching team really enjoy the ease of using a system that has so much to offer. The ability to track your drivers and being able to send an update to the shippers and brokers within seconds. Not only the Dispatching Agents love the program, but our Carriers also love how easy it to use and how fast it is to get the paperwork over for factoring with ease.

The cherry on top of all this is FreightPath’s built-in esignatures. With it, Dispatch My Load isn’t just automating and speeding up the time to produce and send paperwork - it’s giving carriers and shippers the superpower to get instant PoDs. While it may seem boring, this allows DML to pay their carriers faster, and bill shippers faster - improving cash flow.

Paperwork Automation In FreightPath

A Quick Recap

Here’s a quick recap of what Tandricus and the Dispatch My Load team were able to achieve by implementing FreightPath:

  • Provide real-time track & trace to shippers
  • Replace check calls with customer and carrier portals
  • Reduce load booking time to under two minutes with automated paperwork

With FreightPath, Tandricus and his team at Dispatch My Load are able to not just provide a fantastic service to carriers and shippers - they’re able to do it in a way that’s easier, faster and more profitable for everyone involved. They also know that there are still many opportunities where FreightPath can make a difference. In this vein, Dispatch My Load is planning to expand implementation of FreightPath throughout its projects and organization - in some situations with FreightPath’s newest early release features.

The results of using FreightPath, we can honestly say we will be saving thousands of dollars a year and the technology in the system is getting better every day. I look forward to working with a great system for many years to come.

Dispatch My Load has only just scratched the surface of the possibilities that FreightPath has enabled.

“With FreightPath, the ability to track freight, complete paperwork, and share updates within seconds has become invaluable; not just for my team but for my customers and carriers too.”
Tandricus Thomas, Dispatch My Load
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