Carrier Portal

Confirm Rates With Your Carriers Online

With FreightPath, your freight brokerage can instantly confirm rates and tender loads ot your carriers online using a white-labelled carrier portal - no email threads required.

Why Your Freight Brokerage Needs The Carrier Portal

No More Back-And-Forth Emails With Carriers

Too much time is wasted at freight brokerages in back-and-forth emails. FreightPath lets your carriers respond online to your rate and load tenders with a single click.

Upload And Share Paperwork For your loads

FreightPath allows you as a broker to share any document, whether its a bill of lading, rate confirmation, proof of delivery or anything else with your carriers securely online.

Get Status Updates Directly From Carriers

With a carrier portal, your carriers can provide status and location updates directly to your brokers and dispatchers without any calls or emails - making the load easier for everyone.

Give Your Carriers A Heads Up On Load Changes

The carrier portal allows you as a freight broker to keep your carriers up to date on any last-minute changes to a load - whether its a change to accessorials or the cancellation of an entire stop.

Confirm Rates With A Single Click

FreightPath gives your carriers the ability to review and confirm rates with a single click.

This saves your freight brokers hours every day going back and forth on email threads and calls to find carriers for your loads.

Get Real-Time Updates From Yoru Carriers

With a FreightPath Carrier Portal, your carriers can provide self-serve load updates instead of spending time on check calls with your brokers.

Not only does this save you time, it's easier for your carriers too.

Get The Easiest-To-Use TMS Software For Freight Brokers Risk-Free

If FreightPath doesn't satisfy your needs in the first 30 days, we'll refund you in full - no questions guaranteed.