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The Easiest To Use TMS For Freight Brokers

Save time and grow your freight brokerage faster with a cloud-based transportation management software that helps you book loads, confirm rates, track and trace in record time.

TMS Software Does More Than Just Save You Hundreds Of Hours Each Week

FreightPath is the first freight broker software that automates your daily tasks and provides added value to your entire network through features like a driver app and customer portal to provide shippers with real-time track & trace, instant paperwork and lightning fast invoices.

Make Your Communication Effortless

Give the Amazon experience and communicate seamlessly with the shippers and carriers you work with everyday with FreightPath's innovative portal technology and mobile app.

Save Your Team Time Through Automation

Grow your freight brokerage without growing your headcount thanks to built-in automation features like automatic document generation, email tenders, driver PoD sync and much more.

It's The Only TMS With 24/7 HyperCare Included On Every Plan

Say goodbye to lethargic, robotic, unhelpful customer service forever when you choose FreightPath. With our industry leading HyperCare, you can give a real customer success manager a call, text, email or online chat and get answers in minutes with no hidden fees.

Your Own Personalized Success Plan

We know that setting up a brand new TMS can be daunting. That's why we work with the best software implementation consultants to build you a personalized onboarding success plan.

Call, Email, Or Chat With A Real CSM 24/7

Unlike other TMS companies, with FreightPath HyperCare you have access to your own dedicated customer success manager that you can call, text, or email anytime for help.

Welcome To Your Freight Brokerage's New Hub For Operations

Work faster and smarter by booking loads in minutes, automating tasks and much more.

Book Loads In Under Two Minutes

Say goodbye to wasted time, forgotten tasks and delayed emails during day-to-day operations. FreightPath lets you book loads in under two minutes with an intuitive design that gets ride of annoying submenus, confusing buttons and page reloads while empowering your agents with seamless email and workflow automation.

Automate Your Freight Paperwork

Take your freight brokerage into the digital age with a fully digital paperwork workflow powered by FreightPath. Not only does it automatically create and fill your BoLs, PoDs, invoices and rate confirmations - FreightPath lets you share, sign and store these documents in the cloud without ever having to print a paper copy.

Keep Track Of Carrier And Shipper Rates

Other TMS's have oversimplified rates that fail to capture the complexity of modern freight brokerages. Avoid confusion with FreightPath's built-in rate management tools built specifically for the needs of freight brokers. Log revenue and expenses, base and accessorial rates separately, track payment status and much more.

Provide Real Time GPS Track & Trace

Say goodbye to check calls and lost freight. FreightPath helps freight brokers track their loads and receive status updates in real time without any manual work. And unlike other shipment tracking solutions that require dedicated hardware, all drivers need to provide best-in-class GPS tracking with FreightPath is your smartphone and the included FreightPath Mobile App.

Book Faster With The Carrier Portal

No more email threads or back and calls with your carriers to confirm rates. FreightPath lets freight brokers confirm rates and loads with carriers online instantly through a white-labelled carrier portal. This saves your freight brokers hours every day going back and forth on email threads and calls to find carriers for your loads.

Win Shippers With Amazon Experiences

Shippers today want to know when and where their freight is at a moment's notice. Win more repeat business by providing real-time visibility into their loads with a white-labelled customer portal powered by FreightPath. Shippers can get real-time track & trace, confirm load details, and download completed paperwork online.

Understand Your Freight Brokerage

FreightPath Analytics and Reporting gives you an in-depth understand of your freight brokerage. With just a few clicks, you can bring up real-time visual dashboards or export excel reports of your highest margin shipping lanes, your safest carriers, highest performing agents, highest margin shippers and much more.

Communicate With Drivers Seamlessly

The FreightPath Mobile App lets you seamlessly dispatch loads directly to a driver's phone. Drivers can take photo proofs of delivery, upload photo scans, and collect esignatures directly from the FreightPath Mobile App - speeding up payment cycles. Plus, it allows your drivers and owner-operators to provide real-time GPS tracking synced directly to your TMS.

Advanced Visibility With Real Time Status And Location Tracking

FreightPath connects with your carriers and drivers to provide you with up-to-the minute status updates on all your shipments. With the power of third party integrations, it can even provide real-time location tracking.

Comprehensive Shipment Activity Feed

Get the full picture on your shipments with a comrpehensive acitivity feed with timestamps, location, notes and assignee information for your team, carriers, and clients.

GPS Location Tracking Integrations

Integrate with your own tracking devices, ELDs, or third party services to provide real-time GPS location tracking directly within your FreightPath activity feed.

Send Invoices And Settlements Directly From FreightPath

Automatically create professional-looking freight invoices and settlements in seconds using FreightPath’s invoicing and accounting features. Keep track of payment terms, due dates, invoice statuses and any accessorial charges your operations require.

Get Notified Of Late Payments

FreightPath helps your accounting team stay on top of open, late, delinquent, and uncollectible invoices using smart invoice status tagging and automatic notifications.

Integrate Directly With Factoring

Along with direct or collect pay, FreightPath supports third-party integration with a variety of factoring and advance payment services through our open API. Contact us for more information.

“With FreightPath, the ability to track freight, complete paperwork, and share updates within seconds has become invaluable; not just for my team but for my customers and carriers too.”
Tandricus Thomas, Dispatch My Load
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