Lightning Quick Invoicing Built For Freight Brokers And 3PLs

Why go through the pain of double data entry for invoicing when FreightPath provides a lightning-quick solution built specifically for your needs? Track payment status, download high-quality PDF copies, share with customers and carriers, and much more.

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Four Reasons Why You Should Be Invoicing With FreightPath

Built For The Needs Of Brokers And 3PLs

Unlike pure accounting software, invoicing in FreightPath is built for the needs of brokers and 3PLs, allowing you to add accessorial rates and split shipments into multiple invoices.

Invoicing Integrated Directly With Your TMS

Since FreightPath invoicing is built directly into our TMS software, it all works seamlessly together as you build loads, find quotes, confirm rates and invoice your customers.

At-A-Glance Insights Into Shipment Margin

Unlike most invoicing solutions for freight brokers and 3PLs, FreightPath gives you at-a-glance insights into your per-shipment margin and profitability through analytics.

Sync Payment Status With Accounting

With workflows designed to work with Quickbooks and Sage, FreightPath lets you maintain great communication with your accounting team with no manual work.

Keep Tabs On Profitability revenue and expense tracking

FreightPath is the only invoicing software for freight brokers and 3PLs that not only helps you track revenue, but also log and sync expenses with your accounting team.

Easily log carrier or driver pay, unexpected accessorial charges and more through one convenient software solution.

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Save Money And Time With Built-In Document Management

Why pay for multiple software solutions like Dropbox when FreightPath gives you unlimited built-in document management?

FreightPath is the all-in-one solution that keeps your freight brokerage's rate confirmations, bills of lading, captured PoDs and invoices together in one easy-to-use platform.

“With FreightPath, the ability to track freight, complete paperwork, and share updates within seconds has become invaluable; not just for my team but for my customers and carriers too.”
Tandricus Thomas, Dispatch My Load
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