Get In Depth Stats On Your Freight Brokerage, No Coding Required

FreightPath Analytics gives you an in-depth understand of your freight brokerage - including on-time delivery rate carrier acceptance rate, average cost per lane and much more - no coding required.

Four Ways To Use Analytics In Your Freight Brokerage

Find Your Most Frequently Run Shipping Lane

Find your most-ran shipping lane by filtering analytics by origin city and destination city and selecting last month for the analytics range.

Find Which Carrier Gives You The best Service

Find the carrier with the best on-time delivery rate and error-free delivery rate by filtering analytics by carrier and selecting the right analytics range.

Find your best performing agents by margin

Figure out which agent at your brokerage makes the highest margin and margin per shipment by filtering analytics by assignee and range.

Find Your Highest Or Lowest Margin Shippers

Find out which shippers are making you the most money and which ones are actually losses by filtering analytics by customer and analytics range.

Track Key Metrics With Live Updates

Where other TMS software gives you delayed feedback, FreightPath updates metrics in real-time to keep you up to date on your freight brokerage's performance.

Create Custom Views Without Coding

FreightPath lets you customize and filter your analytics to create your own views for lane history, shipper margin, carrier performance scorecards and more.

Visualize Historical Data With Live Graphs

In addition to regular metrics, FreightPath Analytics also gives you breakdowns of historical data - including total loads, cost, average margin and more - in easy-to-read and adjust graph format.

Get The Easiest-To-Use TMS Software For Freight Brokers Risk-Free

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