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What's the Right Truck And Trailer For The Job?

October 2, 2020

A breakdown of what equipment you need to run every type of load.


So you want to start your own trucking carrier. That’s awesome, welcome to the industry. The next step is to determine what kind of freight you want to work with. Knowing your freight will help you decide the type of equipment to run.

Keep in mind that no matter what freight you decide to haul, you need to make sure you do your research to keep your equipment up to date, well maintained and looking great, as your equipment represents your company.

Dry Van

For most without any specific aspirations would want to go for General Freight/Household goods. You would need something easy: a basic dry van straight truck or 53’ Trailer.

Dry Van
Dry Van

53' Trailer
53' Trailer

Reefer Trailer

Now if you want to get into more Fresh/Frozen, Meat/Produce you would need a refrigerated unit or a Reefer, Can still be used for Dry Van work as well. Some reefers come with a single unit, Some double or triple units with moveable Bulkheads to maximize the type of shipments that can be shipped in a reefer unit

Dry Van with Reefer
53' Reefe Trailer



If you want to get more into the farming or agricultural side, you have a few different equipment to choose from.


If you want to get into livestock transportation it would be a pretty easy decision. Just need to grab yourself a livestock trailer or 2

Livestock Trailer
Livestock Trailer

Feed Hauling

Feed hauling is a very simple process. The trailers come with a hopper feed at the bottom. You get loaded from the top of the trailer and the belt at the bottom of the trailer feeds all the contents out the back

Hopper Trailer

Large/Oversized Haulers:

For more specialized large items, such as large piping for oil companies, mining equipment, and house moves, you would need an oversized trailer  as well as both pilot and follow trucks. Keep in mind that based on your location you might also have to deal with additional laws in regards to road closures and time on the road restrictions.

Pilot and follow truck
Pilot and follow truck
Oversize Trailer
Oversize Trailer

Motor Vehicle Carriers

If you are looking to get into moving cars/trucks/vans your best bet is to get a Car Hauler. This can be done with a flat bed as well but more secured and more room on a specific car hauler

Car Hauler

Construction equipment

Large Farm Equipment

When hauling equipment such as Combines/Tractors/Front End Loader. You would need a step or drop deck trailer. As it will Allow more storage for the oversized vehicles you will be hauling.

Step-Deck or Drop-Deck Trailer
Step-Deck or Drop-Deck Trailer

Construction Materials

When hauling materials such as wood/rebar/small pipes/Industrial AC Units, you would want to utilize a full flat bed trailer. This will allow you to stack and store more items to make the most money per load.

Flatbed Trailer
Full Flatbed Trailer

Fuel Hauling

If you are looking to get into fuel/oil/natural gas you need to get a tanker trailer, Allows you to carry any and all liquid and hazardous material.


A tanker can be used for hauling a number of materials. From fuel and oil, to unpasteurized milk, Water, Sewage.

Standard Tanker Trailer
Standard Tanker Trailer

If you want to move Natural Gas, you would need a specific compressed chamber trailer since it is compressed.

Compressed Chamber Trailer
Compressed Chamber Trailer

Water Pump Truck

A water pump truck would be used for a few specific uses. Most companies who run a water pump truck service the following.

  1. Well and Pool Filling
  2. Waterpark tank refilling
  3. Construction site utilizing concrete or drilling operations
  4. Drain pipe cleaning
Water Pump Truck
Water Pump Truck

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