Coming Soon To FreightPath - Sep 23

September 23, 2021

What's the FreightPath team working on? Custom roles, more document customization, new ways to tag shipments and much more.


The FreightPath team's been working on a number of key improvements to your favorite TMS platform. Building on the release of the shipment datagrid and quickbooks integration, a goal we've had is to improve the flexibility and configurability of our software so that it better suits your operations.

One of our key findings from numerous customer success meetings was the importance of flexibility in the way TMS data is entered, presented, and shared. With this concept in mind, we've began building a roadmap for FreightPath to better achieve this goal in every aspect of our product.

You've already seen the huge leap forward that the shipment datagrid represented - get ready for a whole new level of flexibility that'll make your TMS conform to your workflow.

Custom Roles

We've given users the power of roles for a while now - with the ability to specify each new user as an admin, standard user, sales user or driver, it made it easy and simple to provide different permissions to each new user in your team.

However, as we've gradually increased the level of customization and configurability in the app, these roles have stayed largely static. That's why we're excited to be launching (soon) a completely configurable user role system for FreightPath pro users.

Custom Roles In FreightPath Pro
Custom Roles In FreightPath Pro

Not only will you have access to the existing pre-defined roles, pro users will be able to create, name and edit custom roles with configurable permissions. This will give your team whole new levels of customization to improve collaboration and streamline team workflows.

Expect custom roles to arrive in production soon - in the next week as part of an upcoming release.

Introducing Shipment Tags

Another one of our big takeaways as we've built FreightPath has been the importance of highly-visible data labels throughout the application. These types of labels take a variety of different forms - from simple text entry in various notes fields to highly specific status' for different shipments.

To add a whole new dimension to this type of data visibility and labelling - we're introducing Shipment Tags, which will let users create unique queryable "tags" that can be associated with shipments.

Shipment Tags In FreightPath

Users can use these tags for any purpose - from specifying high-importance shipments to tagging delayed loads that need urgent attention. With a whole new dimension of at-a-glance data visibility, we expect Shipment Tags to be a huge part of how users track their shipments in FreightPath moving forward.

Expect Shipment Tags to arrive in production soon - in the next week as part of an upcoming release.

More Document Customization

We've also realized that the flexibility and customization of the next-generation TMS platform needs to extend to documents as well. While we allow a fair amount of customization right now - between custom text, logos and details - it doesn't satisfy the wide range of needs and complexities we see everyday in logistics.

Whether it's something small like text size, or something bigger like changing the theming or layout of documents altogether, we're excited to start building and delivering next-gen document customization.

What will a finished version of this look like?

  • Show/hide options for every section of the bill of lading, rate confirmation, and invoice template
  • Theme customization options (font type, font size, color, layout, etc.)
  • Logo and branding customization options
  • Different document naming and data display options

While this will certainly take a while to get through, we're committed to delivering value on this highly important piece of value on an ongoing, iterative basis.

Rate confirmation load item customization options in FreightPath
Rate confirmation load item customization options in FreightPath

The first part of this? The ability to show and hide the pickup/delivery load items for rate confirmations. While it's a small detail, we hope the ability to save space and reduce confusion whenever possible will improve customer experience in a meaningful way for all of our 3PLs and freight brokers.

This first piece of value will be delivered soon in an upcoming release, but as previously mentioned we'll be adding more customization as we continue to build the next-generation of FreightPath TMS.

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