Coming Soon - Email Contact Filtering, Quickbooks Updates

October 15, 2021

What's coming up next in FreightPath? Here's an early access sneak peak into our new email contact filtering feature, as well as updates to our QuickBooks integration and tax codes.


Email Contact Filtering

One of the biggest issues we face day-to-day in our own email automation and sequencing is sending emails to the right person in an organization. Invoices need to only go to accounting departments, dispatch notifications should only go to dispatch, and sometimes we want to keep track of contacts that we don't want to automate emails with at all!

Until now, this wasn't really possible with FreightPath - either a contact for your carrier and customers was in the system, or it wasn't. Now - with individual email contact filtering, this problem is a thing of the past.

FreightPath Email Contact Filtering in Action Screenshot
Email Contact Filtering in Action

WIth email contact filtering, you can toggle the sending of shipment emails, invoice emails, and load emails on a per-contact basis so that only the right people receive an email. Even more, you can turn all emails off for any contact (including your own users), to prevent confusion and email overload.

We hope that this helps further our goal of improving the configurability and flexibility of our automation tools - making them more powerful for 3PLs and freight brokers.

Updated Quickbooks Integration

After several weeks of collecting feedback from users about our QuickBooks accounting integration, we've made a few changes we hope will bring significantly greater ease of use and eliminate confusion.

Instead of requiring you to manually enter in customer, account, and vendor IDs from the quickbooks URL, we've added a new query feature that only requires you to enter the name of the quickbooks customer, account, and vendor you wish to connect to FreightPath. This will make the process, simpler, easier and less prone to data entry errors. In this section we've also added an additional field for customer account reference, which will let you specify which account invoices will be directed towards in Quickbooks. If not filled, it will be sent to the quickbooks default.

Updated Quickbooks Query Feature FreightPath Screenshot
Updated Quickbooks Query Feature

We've also updated the way FreightPath handles tax rates to better conform to industry best practices. Instead of a single tax rate that is applied throughout an invoice, tax rates are now chosen and applied per invoice line item, and summed at the end. This will improve compatibility with Quickbooks and make it easier for you to account for taxes, particularly in Canada and other jurisdictions where tax fields are mandatory in QuickBooks.

Updated tax rate field in FreightPath screenshot
Updated tax rate field in FreightPath

For quickbooks, we've also improved the overall error handling to provide more helpful toast messages instead of full page error splash screens. This should help you understand possible configuration issues faster without having to use a separate debugging system.

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