The Power of Female Storytellers In Transportation With Ellen Voie

October 29, 2020

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The Power of Female Storytellers In Transportation With Ellen Voie


Ellen is the CEO of Women In Trucking Association in Wisconsin with over 14 years of experience in the transportation industry, encouraging and supporting women in the trucking industry. As a global advocate for better career and mentoring opportunities for women in the trucking industry, she also promotes corporate initiatives to retain and engage drivers to prevent driver turnover. Her experience as a freelance transportation consultant and worker of a steel fabricating plant has earned her a diploma in Traffic and Transportation Management, and her most notable research is a thesis research on the complex identities of women married to professional drivers. 

The third episode in a two-part series on women in transportation, this week Julia Dyke has a conversation with Ellen Voie - President/CEO of Women in Trucking Association - about the significance of women in transportation, her corporate journey in a largely male industry, and how others can support and encourage female truck drivers and transportation specialists.

Specifically, we'll discuss how to get your voice heard and how to promote a positive image of the trucking industry by telling stories of real women who enjoy trucking. Plus the factors that discourage women from entering into the trucking industry and the simple procedures that we can take today to create an equitable, level playing field for women in trucking.

Podcast Transcript

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