Gwenaël Malbec

Gwenaël Malbec

Founder & CEO

With over a decade of experience in supply chain logistics and information technology at IBM and SAP, Gwenaël Malbec founded FreightPath in 2016 with the mission of democratizing technology in the trucking industry. Gwenaël is passionate about building and helping small businesses, having mentored a variety of startup founders in the Ottawa startup community and spoken at a variety of events including Accelerate Ottawa, TIECon Ottawa, and Performance Logistique in Montreal. Gwenaël graduated from Université de Cergy-Pontoise and Université de Montréal with masters degrees in Chemistry. He also serves as a founding board member and strategic advisor to the Canadian Blockchain Supply Chain Association (CBSCA).

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“With FreightPath, the ability to track freight, complete paperwork, and share updates within seconds has become invaluable; not just for my team but for my customers and carriers too.”
Tandricus Thomas, Dispatch My Load
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