What are User Roles and How do I set them in FreightPath?

May 17, 2021

What are User Roles and How do I set them in FreightPath?



While managing your organization, you may wish to specify the roles that your users have. FreightPath offers a simple solution to this.


Explaining the Different User Roles: Admin, Standard, and Driver

Within FreightPath, there are three different user types: Admin, Standard, and Driver. The Admin user has access to everything in FreightPath. The standard user can access the web TMS. However, the standard user cannot access the following: billing, user management, and the mobile app. Lastly, the Driver can only access the driver app.

Where to Begin

You should select the settings button the top right hand side of the screen. This is where you can manage your internal network.

View Settings Button from Dashboard

Once you've entered the settings section, you should select the Users tab. This is where your users list will appear.

Users Tab within the Shipments Tab

Where you Can Change the User Type

Within the Users tab, you will see the list of your users. The users are the people in your company that are using FreightPath. There are two ways to specify a user type. When you are inviting a new user, you can specify the user type. Alternatively, you can select the "Edit" button and change the user type.

Users list in User Tab within Settings

When you are editing a user profile, you can change the User Type by selecting the "Role" drop-down menu pictured below. Once you've changed the user type, be sure to click save.

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