Setting Up Your FreightPath TMS

April 28, 2021

Setting Up Your FreightPath TMS


Terrence Wang

Terrence Wang


How to setup your new FreightPath TMS and team for success


Congratulations on your new FreightPath TMS! The first step in getting started with booking loads, sending invoices and tracking freight is to correctly setup your FreightPath team. You can do this by first navigating to the settings page using the gear icon in the upper right corner of the app.

Your FreightPath Profile

Your team's FreightPath profile

This information will be available to your connect carriers and customers both through the customer/carrier portal and documents including the rate confirmation, invoice and bill of lading. Make sure all information is accurate and filled out.

For your logo, we advice using a square high-resolution image of your logo that is at least 256 by 256 pixels. JPEG and PNG formats work best.

General Settings

Your team's FreightPath settings

In the general tab you will find key information to keep your team on the same page. Make sure the time zone and currency are set correctly - this will be the default for your entire team.

If you have a specific shipment numbering system from an older TMS system or spreadsheet you can choose to use that in FreightPath. Simply specify the number prefix and suffix, along with the starting number for all subsequent shipments.


FreightPath customization settings

In the customization settings you'll be able to set additional white labelling options, including a custom header color (for users on the business plan and above) and custom document text for bills of lading, rate confirmations, quotes and terms & conditions.

For the bill of lading, brokers also have the option to display their company information in the "carrier" field. This can be done by toggling "Show broker as carrier on FP bills of lading" on.

The booking section at the bottom can be used to add custom terms and conditions for the customer and carrier portal. Customers and carriers will have to accept this text to continue booking shipments with you.

Inviting Users

User invites in FreightPath

To invite new users to FreightPath, visit the users tab in the settings. Here you'll be presented with a list of all current users, as well as one for pending invites.

For each user, admin users have the ability to edit details, delete users and reset passwords. Simply click the edit icon for each user to open the user edit page. In the edit page, the name, initials, role, email, phone, reference ID, truck ID (for drivers) and password can be modified.

User Info Settings in FreightPath

There are four different default roles available for users in FreightPath - Driver, Standard, Admin and Limited. These have specific permissions in FreightPath and impact billing differently.

  • Driver - only has access to driver mobile app, does not impact billing (free)
  • Standard - standard employee access without mobile app and settings, impacts billing (requires user seats)
  • Admin - full FreightPath access, impacts billing (requires user seats)
  • Limited - limited access for customer portal users (not available to add)

To add additional standard or admin users, you will need to have sufficient user seats. For example, if you had 3 driver users, 3 standard users and 2 admin users you would need 5 seats of any FreightPath plan. If you do not have sufficient seats, this can be self managed by visiting the billing tab.

“With FreightPath, the ability to track freight, complete paperwork, and share updates within seconds has become invaluable; not just for my team but for my customers and carriers too.”
Tandricus Thomas, Dispatch My Load
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