Marrs Trucking grew revenue 25% by selling direct to shippers

With Dedric Marrs, Owner of Marrs Trucking LLC

Marrs Trucking grew revenue 25% by selling direct to shippers


Marrs Trucking LLC provides trucking, courier service and freight logistics services in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for both TL and LTL shippers.


Dallas, USA


Third Party Logistics

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Marrs Trucking's vision is simple to provide the fastest, safest and most affordable hotshot carrier service in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. They provide shippers with on-demand specialized transportation services to all points within Dallas/Fort Worth area and a 400-mile radius of the metroplex.

The ability to find qualified, recurring business from shippers and contracted loads is the mark of a successful third party logistics business or freight brokerage. Thus, building relationships and establishing trust with shippers effectively results in maximum success.

At Marrs Trucking LLC, owner Dedric Marrs, asked: how do I establish trust with the big shippers and compete with larger freight brokerages? How can I provide more value and increase sales?

Dedric discovered that his existing software was not providing this type of value for his shippers.

This is when Dedric found FreightPath - the easy-to-use TMS solution that did provide value for his shippers.

Why FreightPath?

FreightPath benefits a variety of the people at Marrs Trucking - in the back office, on the road, and their shipper customers. Dedric saved time by automating his back office tasks like creating and booking shipments, managing his paperwork, and organizing load items for his customers. His customers enjoyed real time track and trace, self-serve documents (including their rate confirmations and bills of lading), and seamless proofs of delivery. Furthermore, Dedric was able to do this on the go through a centralized platform for all his shipments. FreightPath was able to do this for a few key reasons:

  • Mobile Driver App allowed Dedric to provide real time location updates, dispatch shipments, and manage proof of delivery on the go.
  • Easy-to-use TMS allowed Dedric to act on his loads instantly as soon as they were booked.
  • Paperwork Automation allowed Dedric to save time by providing shippers with all the documentation they needed automatically
Marrs Trucking's FreightPath TMS
Marrs Trucking's FreightPath TMS

In this case study we’ll examine exactly how Marrs Trucking used FreightPath to improve their bottom line and improve the effectiveness of internal and external stakeholders.

Provide Shippers With Real-Time Track & Trace

The first thing that FreightPath was able to help Marrs Trucking with was providing added value to their shippers. With many shippers now expecting the "Amazon Experience" in terms of being able to track and trace loads in real time through a self serve portal, Dedric's old TMS just wasn't up to the task.

Although it did the job, Dedric had to manually call and email his shippers to provide status updates and expected ETAs, and give check calls to his drivers and carriers to get updates from them. This created a giant game of broken telephone, resulting in a poor experience for his shippers, mistakes in data entry and a general lack of visibility into his loads.

Marrs Trucking's Real-Time Track & Trace Dashboard Powered By FreightPath
Marrs Trucking's Real-Time Track & Trace Dashboard Powered By FreightPath

FreightPath changed this by providing both real-time track and trace for his drivers through the FreightPath Mobile App and a self-serve branded customer portal for his shippers to view those real-time track and trace updates in real time. This both cut down the manual work Dedric and his team were doing and provided incredible value to his shippers. Now they could track their freight in real time - a value that was previously limited to the biggest freight brokerages.

Automating Back Office Tasks

It’s important to remember the plumbing of any trucking business - the dreaded back office paperwork. Even though it’s critical for running your operations, spending too long on back office tasks can actually be a roadblock to growth and more business. After all, somebody has to drive the truck! Marrs trucking had grown its operations to a size where the paperwork and booking process for its small fleet of trucks had overgrown excel spreadsheets and pdf templates.

Easily managing loads in FreightPath TMS
Easily managing loads in FreightPath TMS

FreightPath was able to dramatically improve this and cut down the time spent on paperwork and booking by over 50% by automatically key repetitive tasks. Bookings automatically transferred from customer quote requests, and documents were automatically generated and provided to customers without emails or calls. Dedric was even able to automatically provide insurance compliance checks using FreightPath’s automated carrier compliance features. That 50% saved time is instrumental to giving Dedric more time to grow his business and move loads, especially as his business continues to scale and he hires additional drivers.

Onboarding and Implementation

Of course, all the benefits of a new TMS re a moot point if implementation and onboarding is expensive, tedious, and confusing. It’s important to think about the long term when it comes to a technology investment. The way to do that is to make sure that the end users have all the tools and support they need, not just to get started but throughout the product life cycle. In the case of Marrs Trucking, this meant that FreightPath provided a white glove onboarding to make sure every aspect of the customer journey was as frictionless as possible.

A Quick Recap

Here’s a quick recap of what Marrs Trucking was able to achieve by implementing FreightPath TMS:

  • 25% increase in overall revenue
  • 50% reduction in time spent on bookings and paperwork
  • 5+ additional long term shipper accounts established
  • Hundreds of shipment experiences improved

Dedric knows that there are still plenty of opportunities in his business and operations strategy at Marrs Trucking that FreightPath can improve upon. In fact, Marrs Trucking is currently in the process of introducing one of FreightPath’s newest early release features to some of their customers. Marrs Trucking has only just scratched the surface of the possibilities that FreightPath has enabled.

“With FreightPath, the ability to track freight, complete paperwork, and share updates within seconds has become invaluable; not just for my team but for my customers and carriers too.”
Tandricus Thomas, Dispatch My Load
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