User authorization overhaul - new user roles

December 15, 2020

User authorization overhaul - new user roles

We've added the ability to specify specific permissions for admin, standard and driver roles for users.

Release Number


Release Date

December 15, 2020

What's Happening?

To replace the previous user roles of admin and driver, a complete overhaul has been completed of user authorization which will create new admin, standard and driver roles. Each roles has specific permissions in the app for better user management.

Admins: access to all functionality in web app and driver app

Standard: no access to driver app or billing portal

Driver: only access to driver app

Existing web app users will be migrated to admin users, and drivers will be stay drivers. Roles can be changed any time by admins in the user management tab in the settings page.

When's It Happening?

The user authorization and permissions overhaul will be available for all FreightPath users as part of release 5.125.

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