Revenue and expenses overhaul: specify bill-to and pay-to for any invoice or expense

January 29, 2021


We've overhauled the existing invoices to allow for full revenue and expense tracking for invoices and costs.

Release Number


Release Date

January 29, 2021

What's Happening?

Based on user feedback we've removed the existing "edit rates" wizard and replaced it and the invoices page with two new tabs for revenue and expenses on each shipment.

This will allow users to specify the exact pay-to and bill-to for their invoices and expenses, as well as more granular control for taxes, line items, due dates and payment terms. Invoices can be generated for both revenue and expense items, along with rate/quote confirmations for both customers and carriers.

When's It Happening?

The new revenue and expenses features will be available for all FreightPath users as part of release 5.126.

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