Quickbooks Integration, PO Linking, Credit Limit And Much More

September 16, 2021

Quickbooks Integration, PO Linking, Credit Limit And Much More


We're excited to announce a monumental update to FreightPath, including our quickbooks integration, the ability to link invoices and POs, customer credit limit tracking and much more.

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Release Date

September 16, 2021

What's Happening?

Quickbooks Integration

The quickbooks integration allows you to sync invoices with a single click

We're extremely excited to announce the release of our Quickbooks integration - which will allow users to sync invoices to their quickbooks account with a single click.

To set up your quickbooks integration, visit the new Integration tab in your FreightPath settings. Customer, vendor (i.e. carrier) and account IDs will need to be setup in the network tab prior to quickbooks working.

Our quickbooks integration has full support for both US and Canadian/worldwide versions of Quickbooks, along with tax code support for both with the option of default tax codes and tax overrides. If you have questions or would like help getting quickbooks setup, please set up a training with a FreightPath advisor.

The quickbooks integration will only be available for users on a Professional, Team or Enterprise pricing plan.

PO <> Invoice Linking

You can now link POs (i.e. loads) to your invoice

Another long awaited feature is the ability to link invoices with your orders/POs (i.e. your loads). By linking your POs on each invoice, you'll be able to more closely track payment on a per-order basis.

FreightPath will also display the linked POs on the rate confirmation and invoice - displaying the shipper and consignee so that your customers have a better idea of what they're being billed for.

Updated invoice template showing linked POs with shipper and consignee info

Credit Limit Tracking

Updated network page with credit limit tracking

We've also introduced the ability to set and track credit limits for your customers. In the organisation detail page of each customer, you'll be able to set a credit limit and credit limit currency on the relationship tab.

FreightPath will automatically track the credit usage of your customers based on unpaid, open invoices so you don't over-leverage yourself.

In your settings, you're also able to set a credit limit threshold, which will give you a pre-emptive notification when customers reach or pass the threshold.

For example, if credit limit threshold is set to 75%, and a customer has used more than 75% of their available credit, FreightPath will automatically alert you at time of booking to prevent over-leveraged situations.

Other Significant Changes

We've listened to our customers, and added the ability to freely change shipment status without limitations. For example, you'll be able to change a shipment's status to DRAFT or READY at anytime - saving you time and giving you more flexibility

Flexible shipment status picker in action in FreightPath TMS

You can also search for locations by address fields along with names. For example, if you've saved a location in Los Angeles, CA with the name "Warehouse", you'll be able to search for it by the name, the city, state and address - making your workflow faster and easier.

Location Search by address (city) in FreightPath TMS

All Changes And Improvements

  • Allow all organisations on a shipment to create invoices
  • Create autocompleter with multiple select functionality
  • Added tax support, and better internal error handling to quickbooks client service. Fixed some authentication bugs.
  • Added capacity to link loads to invoices.
  • Fixed background colour for READY and PENDING statuses on booking grid
  • Fix consignee's shipping location autocompleter to show results correctly after filling out shipper location
  • Use React-pdf/renderer to create Rate Confirmation doc
  • Add Default Currency Setting and display all currency options
  • Search shipper/consignee location by location name + address
  • Allow shipment status to be freely navigated
  • Added default settings for load items fields.
  • Add default setting for third party bill-to
  • Quickbooks integration MVP
  • Modified how page breaks are created for rate confirmation.
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When's It Happening?

All changed will be released to users as part of release 5.142 happening on Thursday Sept. 16

“With FreightPath, the ability to track freight, complete paperwork, and share updates within seconds has become invaluable; not just for my team but for my customers and carriers too.”
Tandricus Thomas, Dispatch My Load
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