Quality of Life Improvements to Customer Portal and Multistop Shipments

May 11, 2021

Quality of Life Improvements to Customer Portal and Multistop Shipments


As part of a minor update we're adding a variety of quality of life and performance improvements for recently introduced features, including multi-stop and customer/carrier portals.

Version Number


Release Date

May 11, 2021

What's Happening?

Updated Shipment Statuses

Based on customer feedback we've updated our shipment statuses to be more useful and descriptive for the needs of freight brokers. The new status order is now:

  • Draft - default state, shipment is not shared with anyone
  • Ready - shipment is shared with customer only, emails are sent to all customer contacts/users
  • Pending - shipment is shared with carrier, emails are sent to all carrier contacts/users
  • Booked - shipment is confirmed with carrier/customer
  • In-Transit - same as before
  • Closed - same as before
  • Closed w. Error - same as before

As part of this change, we will be removing and migrating old statuses for shipments.

  • "attempting booking" will be changed to "pending"
  • "accepted" will be changed to "booked"

New Booking Process (No More Tender Button)

Due to confusion on when emails were sent and how statuses could be changed, we've removed the "tender" button in favor of a single status select in order to book shipments with customers and carriers.

New FreightPath Status Changer In Action

To change the status of a shipment, simply press the status changer button and select the desired status from the dropdown menu.

To share a shipment with a customer, simply move the shipment to the "ready" status. To share the shipment with a carrier (i.e. "booking" or "tendering" the shipment), simply move the shipment to the "pending" status.

Driver Dispatch For Brokers And Carriers

With this change, brokers can now directly specify drivers for their partner carriers, and carriers using the carrier portal will be able to dispatch to their drivers free of charge using the FreightPath Mobile App.

Driver Dispatch Through The FreightPath Carrier Portal

Once logged into the carrier portal, your brokerage's partner carriers can press the "dispatch" button in the actions menu to dispatch shipments directly to their drivers. This provides additional functionality and power for carriers, as well as streamlined load tracking for brokers.

Bug Fixes and Minor Improvements

  • Shipper and consignee instructions can now be edited on an ad-hoc (i.e. one-off) basis
  • Shipment index list has been updated to load new entries faster without flashing or reloading
  • Fixed permissions issue with the "update location" modal in the web app
  • Improved database performance
  • Added default text for carrier and customer terms and conditions

Full List of Changes

  • Add locationNotes field to Stop type to easily fetch all location instructions of a given stop
  • Update mobile app with changes to Booking status
  • Update Location graphql interface on mobile app
  • Fix permission error when updating location in web app
  • Fix shipment reports
  • Added a new shipment status: "READY"
  • Allow location's instructions to be edited on a one-off basic
  • Make load location autocompleter to show results of locations belong to broker, customer, and carrier
  • Implement shippingLocation pagination to query locations based on name
  • Removed tender button and modified to allow booking via the status selector
  • Renamed booking status ATTEMPTING_BOOKING to PENDING and ACCEPTED to BOOKED
  • Prevent reloading the whole booking list when fetching for more
  • Modified the display of the dispatch button so that it shows even for users who are not part of the carrier org.
  • Added default text for booking terms and conditions.
  • Added separate terms and conditions for customer and carrier.
  • Added activity feed items for when the booking terms and conditions are accepted/declined.
  • Removed deprecated columns from booking entity and db.
  • Removed the tender button and modified the booking functionality so that it transitions a booking to "attempting" status immediately.
  • Dropped the customer, user_broker, and user_invitation_role tables, as well as a number of unused columns from the database.
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When's It Happening?

These changes will be rolled out to all FreightPath users starting May 11 2021 at 2pm EST. During this time, there may be scheduled downtime for upgrades. If you have any questions, please reach out to your FreightPath account manager or email team@freightpath.io

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