Performance improvements to autocompletes, portals and filters

March 4, 2021

Performance improvements to autocompletes, portals and filters


Various performance improvements and bug fixes including updated autocompleters, carrier portal, and filters.

Version Number


Release Date

March 4, 2021

What's Happening?

We're releasing a number of exciting updates and features to all users. As part of this change, you'll see performance improvements and bug fixes throughout the app.​

Updated autocompleter for shipment creation

You may experience some scheduled downtime - simply sign out and sign back in to see the updated changes.

These new features will let you:

  • Fill out load sheets faster with fewer clicks using the new autocompleter
  • Quickly distinguish between rate confirmations and customer quotes
  • Filter your address book by contact name and contact details
  • Delete unwanted shipments anytime in any status

Full List of Changes

Fixed Driver Dispatch Modal from reloading on selecting driver.

Removed customer details from the carrier portal.

Added arrival/departure date time to rate confirmation and quote.

Removed tax field from rate confirmation and quote.

Fixed shipment detail page from refreshing when viewing or editing stops.

Fixed mid-edit stop resets to previous location.

Improved auto-completer functionality and implementation.

Added a title to the organisation network page.

Fixed Reporting event in carrier portal bringing up error toast message.

Fixed carrier portal bug that yielded an error splash screen and kick out to login.

Removed action button visibility for customer portal link.

Fixed intercom covering up dispatch button.

Fixed bug where documents were not available in carrier/customer portals.

Removed deprecated tracking code references in web app.

Cleaned up booking filtering code for performance.

Removed deprecated tracking code references in mobile app.

Added capacity to filter by Primary Contact Name on org index page.

Made generated docs respect the text formatting provided by the user.

Merged first/last name into single contact name field for flexibility.

Improved the Rate doc naming conventions for quotes.

Added shipment delete in all statuses.

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When's It Happening?

Changes will happen as part of release 5.128 on March 4 starting from 10:00am EST.

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