Network overhaul: improved UI, filters and functionality

February 19, 2021


We've completely overhauled the network page to give you one-click access to all your carrier and shipper contacts

Release Number


Release Date

February 19, 2021

What's Happening?

Internal Contact Notes

New internal notes for organizations
New organization detail page

Based on frequent customer feedback we've added a freeform rich-text field to all contacts (shippers/customers and carriers) so you can document important notes - whether it's special delivery requirements, sales notes or do-not-use warnings.

New internal notes for organizations

New UI for one-click access to contact info

Brand new Network Page with one-click contact info
Brand new Network Page with one-click contact info

The brand new network view gives your team instant access to the information that's most important about your customers/shippers and carriers, with one-click access to all of the most important information on each organization including the new internal notes, contact information, insurance expiry dates, operating identifiers and more.

Make calls and emails directly from your network

With the new network overhaul, you can also send emails and make calls (requires VoIP phone system on computer) directly from your network page, making it easy for your team to quickly follow up with important clients and contact carriers missing insurance or with other issues.

Brand new filters for added flexibility

Along with Ui improvements, we've completely overhauled the filters for your network, allowing you to create custom views based on organization type, contact information, insurance validity and operating identifiers.

New filters for organizations in FreightPath

When's It Happening?

The overhaul of the network module is part of the greater 5.127 release of FreightPath.

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