Inline editing, shipment notes and UI improvements to shipments

February 19, 2021

Inline editing, shipment notes and UI improvements to shipments

We've added faster inline editing, shipment notes and a kitchen sink's worth of improvements to shipments to improve daily ease of use.

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Release Date

February 19, 2021

What's Happening?

Inline Editing

Based on user feedback we've added the long awaited ability to edit shipments directly from shipment details - making it easier and faster than ever to change important details on the fly.

Internal Shipment Notes

All existing shipments will have access to the new UI, which will allow additional change functionality for the shipment number and the brand new internal shipment notes field. This is a freeform rich-text field which will allow any user to quickly make notes on specific shipments for internal reference.

Inline Editing in FreightPath

Shipment UI Improvements

To further improve on daily ease of use, we've overhauled the UI for shipments - making it faster than ever to create and book loads with your shippers. With these changes we've added stop notes, an intuitive process for moving through shipment creation, and the addition of new arrival and departure date fields for more granular control over the timing of individual stops.

New UI for editing shipments and adding stops

When's It Happening?

These changes will be rolled out to all FreightPath users as part of release 5.127.

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