Improvements to Invoices, CRM and More

June 8, 2021

Improvements to Invoices, CRM and More


We're excited to release a number of important daily-use improvements to invoices, crm functionality and more throughout the FreightPath TMS.

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June 8, 2021

What's Happening?

Brand New Shared Documents Features

New Shared Documents Page In FreightPath TMS

Thanks to the feedback of our customers we've completely revamped the shared documents feature of FreightPath. Now, when you go to the documents tab of any shipment, you'll be greeted with a new interface for uploading, sharing and deleting documents (and files) with customers, carriers and drivers.

Customers and carriers have the ability to upload their documents through the FreightPath Customer and Carrier Portal, and changes/upload/deletes are recorded in the Shipment activity feed.

Drivers can also access shared documents and files through the FreightPath Mobile App, as shown below.

Mobile App Document Sharing With Drivers

This brand new shared documents feature can be used for additional paperwork that needs to be shared, important pickup notes (e.g. a marked up map of the delivery dock so drivers know where to go) or even a short video describing what needs to be done at each stop.

New "Sales" User Role

New Sales Role for users in FreightPath TMS

Built specifically for the needs of larger brokers with dedicated sales personnel, we're introducing a brand new "Sales" user role that will allow you to control the access of your salespeople more closely.

Sales users have the same level of access as standard users (i.e. no access to billing), but can only see shipment where they are the assignee or have no assignee.

This feature can be used so that different sales users do not see each other's customers - reducing friction amongst your team and making it easier for salespeople to work on the same system.

"Do Not Use" Flags for Carriers and Customers

New "Do Not Use" Flag For Organizations

To better service the needs of freight brokers we're also adding a new "do-not-use" flag for organizations that will help you and your team keep track of poor performing carriers and customers that you want to avoid.

When a carrier or customer is flagged, a red "X" will be displayed to indicate that the organization has been flagged with a "do-not-use" label.

Along with this visual indicator that is present throughout the TMS, FreightPath will also give users a warning if a flagged customer or carrier is added to a shipment.

Easy Navigation For Customer, Carrier and Broker Info

Easy Navigation for company info in FreightPath TMS

To make it easier to access customer, carrier, broker, pay-to and bill-to company information, we're adding hyperlinks to these fields so you can easily jump to the right company details page to find contact information, adjust compliance information, add notes or flag a particular org.

Easily Create, Duplicate and Delete Invoices

Invoice Creation In FreightPath TMS

As part of an ongoing improvement to the way invoices and accounting work in FreightPath, we're adding the ability for users to create, duplicate and delete invoices. This will give more flexibility to brokers in how they want to work, and reduce confusion with the ability to duplicate and delete instead of editing existing invoices.

By default when created, a shipment will not have any invoices. Invoices can be deleted or edited by the creator of the invoice only.

New Statuses for Loads

New Load Statuses in FreightPath TMS

As part of an ongoing effort to improve tracking and status reporting in FreightPath, we're adding a number of new statuses for Loads (not Shipments). The new list of statuses was designed with the input of a number of brokers and carriers, to best reflect the real-world delivery of loads.

The new statuses are:

  • Pending
  • On-Route To Shipper
  • At Shipper
  • Picked-Up
  • On-Route To Consignee
  • At Consignee
  • Delivered
  • Canceled

As part of this change, existing loads will have their status unchanged. Any load previously in "On-Route" status will now be in "On-Route To Shipper" status instead.

Temperature Control And Tractor/Trailer ID Fields For Shipments

New fields for shipment details in FreightPath TMS

Based on customer feedback we're adding two new sets of fields to the shipment details page for temperature control and tractor/trailer ID.

Both fields will show on rate confirmations to better inform carriers and customers of shipment requirements. If the fields are left empty, they will be hidden to customers/carriers on the rate confirmation.

Both max/min can be set to indicate a required temperature range, set to the same to indicate a specific temperature, or set individually to indicate a maximum or minimum requirement only (e.g. max temp is 10°C but no requirements on min temp)

For Tractor ID, this is defaulted to the "default tractor ID" field in the user details of the chosen driver, but can be edited on the fly if needed.

Miscellaneous Improvements

  • Hide weight and dimensions for load items on bill of lading and rate confirmation templates when empty
  • Expired insurance warning adjusted to fix bugs and inconsistency
  • Removed deprecated information from documents page
  • Allow users to invite limited users to orgs through the users page in the edit org page
  • Remove email from "add organization" requirement
  • Remove default broker when creating a shipment
  • Customer/carrier portal invite emails improved to reduce confusion
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When's It Happening?

These changes will be released as part of version 5.133 on Tuesday June 8th starting at 12pm EST. Some downtime may occur - in this case please be patient and log out/log back in.

“With FreightPath, the ability to track freight, complete paperwork, and share updates within seconds has become invaluable; not just for my team but for my customers and carriers too.”
Tandricus Thomas, Dispatch My Load
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