Full LTL and multistop support in FreightPath

April 29, 2021

Full LTL and multistop support in FreightPath


With this rollout, all FreightPath users will have full multistop and LTL support for all loads.

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Release Date

April 29, 2021

What's Happening?

Based on key feedback from freight brokers using the system over the past two years, we're proud to release full LTL and multistop support in FreightPath along with a brand new interface for managing loads and stops in FreightPath. It'll allow you to quickly enter in new loads from shippers, create multiple pickup stops for shipments, and reorder stops on the fly. Along with these changes, we've completely revamped our bill of lading templating for more professionalism along with a more convenient location to find your documents for each load.

Introducing Loads

With this release we're incredibly excited to share with all of our users our concept of loads - which allow you to quickly and easily create (you guessed it) loads with a shipper, consignee and load items. This quick and simple interface automatically calculates the required pickup and delivery stops for your brokerage team, speeding up your process and allowing for even faster booking than before. Even more exciting - this will allow for true less-than-truckload freight brokerage capabilities, with the ability to create multiple distinct bills of lading and loads for each shipment.

FreightPath TMS Software for Freight Brokers
The brand new loads page in shipment details

This new Load card will also let you easily duplicate loads for large truckload bulk orders, as well as record additional information on bill of lading reference numbers, load reference numbers, and internal notes. Like the rest of FreightPath, it also lets you easily edit shipments at any time with a single click - helping you get more work done without distractions or confusion.

FreightPath TMS Software for Freight Brokers
Loads can be easily edited at any time

This interface will also give you easier access to bill of lading documents and proofs of delivery - breaking it down by load and making it easy to find the document you're looking for. Like before, you have the freedom to upload a replacement bill of lading at any time, and we support multiple PoD upload as well.

FreightPath TMS Software for Freight Brokers
Easily generate new bills of lading or upload a custom BoL

Introducing Stops

Along with Loads, we're also introducing the brand new stops page, where you'll be able to easily reorder and view the expected route for drivers before you book a load. Using an algorithm, we automatically calculate your stop locations and create distinct pickup and delivery stops for your drivers. To reorder stops for drivers, simple adjust the stop priority by pressing the edit view - with 0 representing the first delivery and bigger numbers meaning later stops. It's a simple, intuitive process that will let you communicate in greater clarity to your drivers without any confusion.

FreightPath TMS for Freight Brokers
Brand new Stops allow you to reorder pickups and deliveries to create custom routes

Brand New BoL Templating

Based on frequent customer feedback, we've also completely overhauled our bill of lading template and automation - allowing you to create better, more professional looking bills of lading for your customers. Along with aesthetic upgrades, documents have updated automation showing extra information, and a host of upgrades to increase performance across the board.

FreightPath TMS - Bill of Lading Template for Freight Brokers
Updated bill of lading template in FreightPath
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When's It Happening?

The brand new Loads and Stops features will be reaching all FreightPath users as part of release 5.131, scheduled to begin in mid April 2020. Questions? Contact us and schedule a time to talk with our team here.

“With FreightPath, the ability to track freight, complete paperwork, and share updates within seconds has become invaluable; not just for my team but for my customers and carriers too.”
Tandricus Thomas, Dispatch My Load
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