Ease of Use Updates For Stops, Saved Locations, Documents + More

May 21, 2021

Ease of Use Updates For Stops, Saved Locations, Documents + More


This week we're rolling out a slew of highly requested ease-of-use features to FreightPath including important changes to reordering stops, saved shipping locations, documents and much more.

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Release Date

May 21, 2021

What's Happening?

Re-Ordering Shipment Stops

As part of version 5.130 we introduced the ability for users to create loads and reorder complex shipments with multiple pickup and delivery stops. Thanks to customer feedback and the hard work of our product team, we've made it easier and more intuitive to reorder these stops thanks to a brand new drag-and-drop interface.

Drag & Drop Stop Reordering In FreightPath TMS

Instead of manually specifying a stop priority, all you have to do to reorder your stops is to drag and drop them in your preferred order - making the creation of each new shipment easier and faster than ever before.

Introducing Shared And Internal Shipment Notes

Based on customer feedback, we've separated the "notes" section for each shipment into two sections for shared and internal notes.

New Shared And Internal Notes Fields in FreightPath TMS

Shared notes will be shown on the rate confirmation for both customers and carriers, and will be viewable through the customer and carrier portals.

The new Internal notes section will allow you to store private information on each shipment that is hidden from customers, carriers and drivers.

Driver Field And New Dispatch Process

To clear up confusion about the driver dispatch process with the shipment status changer updates in 5.131, we've introduced a brand new way to dispatch shipments and see which drivers are assigned to each shipment.

New driver field and dispatch process in FreightPath TMS

In the shipment details page, you'll notice a new field for drivers. Simply click on this field to open up the driver scheduler modal with your (or your carrier's) available drivers and their schedules.

To complete dispatch to your drivers, simply change the shipment status to "pending". If the shipment is in the "draft" or "ready" status, drivers will not see the shipment. Once moved to the "pending" status, FreightPath will automatically send your drivers an alert via email and the shipment will appear in their mobile app in the "incoming" tab.

With these changes, the old "dispatch" button available in the actions button menu will be deprecated.

Activity Logs For Sent Emails

With a host of new email automation features, we felt it was key to make sure our users had a permanent log of all automated emails sent out from FreightPath.

In version 5.132, we will now automatically log emails sent through an activity feed event that shows when it was sent, what the email is, and who it was sent to. We hope that this will reduce confusion and make communication more seamless for all of our customers.

Global Saved Locations

Previously in FreightPath, you were able to save individual locations for each customer/shipper your brokerage worked with. Based on the feedback of brokers using FreightPath, we've added the ability to save global locations for your brokerage that can be used with any customer.

New Global Saved Locations In FreightPath TMS

This can be used for shared locations (e.g. cross-docking locations or shared warehouses) that are used with multiple customers, reducing manual data entry and making it easier for you to book shipments.

To manage your new list of global saved locations, simply navigate to your FreightPath settings, where you will see a brand new page for "locations". You will still be able to use customer saved locations - making it the best of both worlds.

Important Fixes For One-Off Shipping Locations

After feedback from users, we'ved addressed several usability related issues to our one-off (i.e. ad hoc) shipping locations feature. In case you haven't used this feature before, it allows you to change the address, reference numbers and instructions for individual shipments.

Improvements to Load Location Editing in FreightPath TMS

Shipments with one-off shipping locations can now be duplicated without losing any one-off changes, saving time and making it easier to book repeated shipments.

All shipping locations can also be edited in-line through the Loads page in the shipment details, making your workflow more streamlined and eliminating the need to create duplicate shipping locations to fulfill specific shipments.

Rate Confirmation Improvements

As part of version 5.129 we introduced our brand new rate confirmation document, with a carrier version named the "rate confirmation" and a customer version named the "quote". Thanks to customer feedback, we've made a slew of changes, including naming to make the document more practical and usable for freight brokers.

How To Download The New Customer Confirmation

The documents are now named the "carrier confirmation" and "customer confirmation", respectively.

Example of the new Rate Confirmation

For each stop listed on the rate confirmation, we've also added clarification as to whether they are a pickup or a delivery, as well as the location-specific reference numbers, stop/driver instructions, and the new shared notes field.

Custom Datetime Selection For Shipment Events

Based on customer feedback, users can now manually select the date and time for shipment events including:

  • Load events (e.g. delays, changes, etc.)
  • Load cancellations
  • Load pickups
  • Load deliveries

These events will default to the current date and time, but can be changed for retroactive activity reporting through the FreightPath Activity Feed.

Delete And Duplicate Shipments In All Statuses

Thanks to the feedback of our customers we've addressed several oversights with the delete and duplicate features available in FreightPath.

Previously, it was not possible to delete or duplicate shipments that were in the "draft" or "ready" status. We've changed this and now the delete and duplicate options are available for all shipments regardless of status.

Other Changes And Improvements

  • Maximum upload size for files has been doubled from 5mb to 10mb
  • Tax registration number field has been added to customers and carriers
  • Confirmation modal bug on edit organization page has been fixed
  • Billing address is no longer a mandatory field for customers and carriers
  • A dropdown icon has been added to all statuses to avoid confusion
  • Mobile app caching issue with locations has been solved
  • Driver dispatch bug regarding repeated network hits has been solved
  • Stop instructions and reference numbers have been added to the driver mobile app
  • Declared valuation field added to bill of lading and loads
  • Declared valuation field added to organization settings
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When's It Happening?

These changes will be rolled out as part of release version 5.132 starting Friday May 21. Expect some downtime around 3pm EST.

“With FreightPath, the ability to track freight, complete paperwork, and share updates within seconds has become invaluable; not just for my team but for my customers and carriers too.”
Tandricus Thomas, Dispatch My Load
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