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More Value, Flexibility And Ease Of Use Across The Board

First off we'd like to give a nod to the team over at Rose Rocket - they've built a fantastic TMS over the past decade that's connected, modern and feature-rich. And if you’re here because you’re evaluating FreightPath vs Rose Rocket, or looking for Rose Rocket alternatives, then you’re already doing the right thing by finding a product that will help you get loads booked faster, shipments tracked and information shared with your customers and carriers.

So what’s the difference between FreightPath and Rose Rocket?

While there are definitely differences in features and product capabilities that differ between our two companies (which we get into further down this page if you’re interested), the difference between FreightPath and Rose Rocket is in our value and flexibility.

While both FreightPath and Rose Rocket provide comprehensive TMS solutions for freight brokers, we started FreightPath to provide the easiest-to-use and valuable solution. That means that we build software that's easier-to-use and more affordable than our competitors - including Rose Rocket.

So, long story short: if you're a freight broker looking for a platform built to help you accelerate your operations, book more loads and deliver exceptional shipper experiences - all while being so easy to use that a child could dispatch loads - then you're in the right place.

Need more convincing?

We totally get it. So the rest of this page is for you. We sat down with a few of our top sales reps and our best customer success managers to help write this page and asked each of them:

“Hey if you had to put a page up on our website breaking down the top reasons why people pick FreightPath vs Rose Rocket, what would you say?”

They gave us a handful of clear answers that should help you.

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Book Loads With Fewer Clicks

We built our platform with the feedback and knowledge of real freight brokers - which means that we understand what it's like booking hundreds of loads every month. We get that freight brokers want to book loads with fewer clicks.

We know from experience that those 5 extra minutes spent booking a load matters to you - it could mean the difference between a shipper being happy or disappointed with your service. Rose Rocket, with all the features they've added into the booking process, simply can't keep up - which means that you're stuck with a confusing process where you're distracted by features you don't need.

Driver App and Portals cut manual work

Because we've been through the day-to-day process of closing shippers, vetting carriers, booking loads, filling paperwork and making track & trace check calls, we know that freight brokers need less manual work, not more.

While Rose Rocket does provide a driver app and a customer portal, there isn't a focus on ease of use or customer convenience. With drivers often not tech-savvy and shippers going through "portal fatigue" - platforms like Rose Rocket, while powerful, can create additional friction.

FreightPath is the opposite - with powerful automation through our driver app and customer portal, we make it possible for your brokerage to provide real-time track & trace, digital signatures, instant proof of delivery and more without any manual work.

FreightPath Provides Your Freight Brokerage With The Tools to excel

Every FreightPath account comes with the tools that we've built to provide your freight brokerage a leg up on the competition - from intelligent automation to providing new ways of communicating with shippers and carriers.

Automate Your Daily Paperwork

FreightPath automates the filling, sending and signing of your quotes, rate confirmations, bills of lading and more to save time everyday.

No more back and forth calls

FreightPath automatically sends the full details of every load straight to your drivers smartphone for confirmation, no texting or calling needed.

Book loads in record time

With an intuitive user interface that puts all of your information at your fingertips, FreightPath lets you book even complex loads fast.

Don’t Get Penalized For Success; No Hidden Costs

FreightPath has easy-to-understand monthly pricing. While we have professional, team and enterprise plans for companies looking for advanced features and customization, our Essential plan includes everything you need to run a freight brokerage, including unlimited customer portals, carriers portals, drivers and contacts.

On the other hand, Rose Rocket won't give you their pricing unless you sit through a tedious sales process. This is because FreightPath provides more value at every price point - for small, medium, and even large freight brokers.

FreightPath provides you more value with pricing that doesn't try to penalize you with hidden costs and unexpected paywalls.

HyperCare Included In Every Plan

At FreightPath we pride ourselves on providing the best customer success experience in the TMS industry - at no extra cost beyond our monthly SaaS pricing.

That means that you get comprehensive 24/7 hypercare, a personalized onboarding success plan and schedule-anytime 1-on-1 software trainings at no extra cost - whether you're on our essential plan or our enterprise plan.

Meanwhile, our competitors, like Rose Rocket, short charge you with copy-pasted answers and unresponsive call center responses unless you pay for expensive top-tier plans. We believe that fantastic customer success shouldn't be a nice-to-have - it's something that every customer deserves.

“With FreightPath, the ability to track freight, complete paperwork, and share updates within seconds has become invaluable; not just for my team but for my customers and carriers too.”
Tandricus Thomas, Dispatch My Load
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