Scalable and Secure VRS

Service your parcel and courier clients with a VRS solution that's scalable and secure, while flexible Implementation and platform integrations mean you're never left behind.

FreightPath TMS

Scalable Delivery Infrastructure Designed For Modern E-Commerce

Why You Should Choose FreightPath VRS

Sell Directly To Your Customers

Building an online presence for your trucking company has never been easier, faster, or more scalable.

Your Back Office Co-Pilot

Stop stressing about your back office tasks. Automatically create documents, labels, invoices and more.

Dispatch Directly To Drivers

Dispatch new shipments directly to yourself and other drivers using the FreightPath Driver App

Delivery routing and scheduling is more challenging today than ever with the growth of e-commerce giants like Amazon and Shopify. Choose a VRS platform that scales intelligently with your operations and is ready for the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Flexible Order Receipts and Sorting

Automated and scalable order intake means your VRS is ready for delivery challenges big and small.

Best Of Breed Driver Mobile Solution

Provide drivers an intuitive yet powerful mobile solution for delivery tracking and management

Build Exceptional Client Experiences

Provide a modern multi-channel customer experience with flexible real-time location and status updates.

Dedric Marrs

Using FreightPath I can become a millionaire by the end of the year! With my website and portal, there's no more dealing with middlemen.

Dedric Marrs
Owner of Marrs Trucking LLC

FreightPath Optimizes Across Every Aspect Of Your Delivery Operations

Address Verification

Automatically correct, normalize and geo-localize shipping addresses while booking orders, whether manually or through an integration.

Automatic Manifest

Automatically generate and print a unique manifest for each shipment with package sequencing and items build in.

Flexible Order Intake

Receive clients’ to-be-delivered orders through API or EDI feeds. (Requires enterprise plan or above and custom integrations)

Exception-Based Management

Provide dispatchers and ship desk managers to assign, review, and override shipment assignments on an exception basis.

BYOD Mobile Driver App

Flexible iOS and Android application that supports BYOD management. Accept loads, access real-time navigation, proof of delivery, and incident reporting directly in the application.

Real-Time Incident Reports

Drivers are able to report incidents, delays, and un-deliverables in real-time to dispatch and management using the exception-based reporting functionality in the mobile driver app.

Driver Analysis and Tracking

Manage available driver accounts from a central control tower and ensure driver performance through metrics and comprehensive analytics. Monitor key metrics like on-time percentage and freight spend.

Mobile Proof Of Delivery

Empower your drivers to provide real-time delivery tracking when they're working. Accept signatures at the point of delivery with a digital signature, or take a photo of the delivered shipment or paper signature.

Customer Portal and Weblink

Provide a customized and branded customer portal or single-delivery web links to your customers to access real time tracking, documents, proof of delivery, and status updates online.

Customer Preferences

Give customers the ability to customize and personalize delivery preferences and delivery windows without requiring manual dispatcher intervention. Deliver more accurately and with fewer mistakes.

Real-Time Track and Trace

Provide real-time location tracking via the mobile driver app and partner integrations with ETA, route changes, and delivery confirmations via email, text message, voice or APIs.

Analytics and KPIs

Oversee key performance indicators like deliver volume, freight cost, profitability, revenue, and on-time delivery with the analytics control tower. Optimize your operations over time and improve your bottom line.

Reporting And Integrations

Export freight cost, markup, and delivery reports in csv format for further analysis in excel and other spreadsheet programs. Or, create your own custom integrations with third-party analytics platforms to analyze your data.

The FreightPath Guide On Selling To Shippers

What we’ve learned over the past three years helping trucking companies and owner-operators sell directly to shippers.

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Modern Cloud Architecture

FreightPath is designed and built with the future in mind. We employ a modern and scalable enterprise tech stack built with TypeScript, Node.js, and React with GraphQL APIs on an AWS-powered platform. Data security is also built into every platform component, with bot hat-rest and in-transit data protection throughout FreightPath.

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