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Streamline your order intake and dispatch while providing your clients with real time tracking with FreightPath TMS

FreightPath TMS

The Best Logistics Companies Are Becoming Customer-Centric

How FreightPath Empowers Your Transportation Business

Sell Directly To Your Customers

Building an online presence for your trucking company has never been easier, faster, or more scalable.

Your Back Office Co-Pilot

Stop stressing about your back office tasks. Automatically create documents, labels, invoices and more.

Dispatch Directly To Drivers

Dispatch new shipments directly to yourself and other drivers using the FreightPath Driver App

The best transportation companies are becoming customer-centric - the client experience is your advantage against increasing competition and new market entrants. FreightPath TMS empowers you with best-of-breed technology to create a memorable, branded, and winning customer experience.

See How FreightPath Improves Your Shipping Process

Watch the demo and see for yourself how easy it is to create, book, track, and share a shipment with FreightPath.

Dispatch Flexibility

We know dispatchers need the flexibility to send loads a variety of ways to partner carriers, owner-operators, and company drivers. FreightPath comes equipped with mobile app dispatch, ELD integration partners, and support for legacy dispatch protocols via EDI or email.

Full Customer Portal

Customers export more services to be online and easily accessible than ever before. FreightPath empowers your customers to request instant quotes, view tracking details, and download shared shipment documents with a customer portal that can be integrated directly with your website

Mobile Driver App

FreightPath comes with a flexible iOS and Android application that supports BYOD management. Accept loads, access real-time navigation, provide proof of delivery, and report incidents directly in-app. Furthermore, manage all these driver accounts from a central control tower and ensure driver performance through metrics and comprehensive analytics.

Today our clients expect full transparency. Tretan was able to close over $20 Million by de-risking projects with FreightPath

Harry Driedger
President of Tretan Inc

Harry Driedger

Analytics and Reporting

Oversee key performance indicators like deliver volume, freight cost, profitability, revenue, and on-time delivery with the analytics control tower. Export freight cost, markup, and delivery reports in csv format for further analysis in excel, or create custom integrations with third-party analytics platforms via API. (Requires enterprise plan or higher and custom integrations)

Modern Cloud Architecture

FreightPath is designed and built with the future in mind. We employ a modern and scalable enterprise tech stack built with TypeScript, Node.js, and React with GraphQL APIs on an AWS-powered platform. Data security is also built into every platform component, with bot hat-rest and in-transit data protection throughout FreightPath.

The FreightPath Guide On Selling To Shippers

What we’ve learned over the past three years helping trucking companies and owner-operators sell directly to shippers.

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