Improve Your Freight Brokerage Margins By Pricing Smarter

Price your loads better than your competition and find the best carrier for each load through FreightPath's easy-to-use yet powerful analytics and reporting.

FreightPath TMS - custom analytics metrics and charts

FreightPath Lets You Negotiate Better Rates With Your Carriers And Shippers

Stop negotiating rates with carriers and shippers based on intuition, gut feeling, and decade old rate sheets. FreightPath gives your freight brokerage the power to negotiate better rates using real-time data and metrics.

FreightPath TMS - analytics metrics and graphs

Easily Find Historical Pricing On Your Lanes

FreightPath allows freight brokers to easily find what they paid carriers and charged shippers on past shipments - giving brokers the knowledge they need to operate with better margins on each load.

FreightPath TMS - complete load

Get instant results for rates on any lane

Freight brokers are pricing their lanes more accurately by using FreightPath Analytics to quickly find average carrier rates, shippers rates, and margin for specific lanes.

FreightPath TMS - shipment reports

Easily Export To Excel For Data Analysis

FreightPath allows you to work better with the rest of your tools. With simple exports in excel format, freight brokers can easily send accountants and management customized reports.

FreightPath TMS - booking a load

calculate margin while booking your loads

On top of historical data analysis, FreightPath gives freight brokers an at-a-glance view at their margin for every shipment, helping your brokerage maintain higher overall margins.

FreightPath TMS - analytics metrics and graphs

Ensure Better Carrier Performance With A Real-Time Scorecard

Freight brokers need the full picture on carrier performance when going into contract rate negotiations. FreightPath delivers this in a simple carrier scorecard.

FreightPath TMS - booking a load

Track Insurance And Authority Expiration

Never get stuck in a nightmare situation with an uninsured or unauthorized carrier. FreightPath gives freight brokers proactive alerts when insurance and authority is near expiry.

FreightPath TMS - shipment reports

Carrier Scorecard with on-time and error rates

No more blind contract negotiations: make sure that your carriers hold up their side of the contract with real-time stats on on-time delivery and shipment error percentage.

FreightPath TMS - exception based shipment dashboard

Flag loads when Carrier mistakes happen

Mistakes happen - FreightPath makes it easy for your freight brokers to address these loads fast with automatic color coding and flagging for carrier-reported errors on loads.

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Hundreds of growing freight brokers trust FreightPath's easy-to-use TMS software to improve their efficiency, reduce manual data entry, and book loads faster.

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