Freight Broker TMS

Book Loads In Under Two Minutes With The Easiest-To-Use TMS Software For Freight Brokers

Too many transportation management software platforms focus on the number of features more than the experience for real freight brokers. This results in software that can be powerful, but is difficult to use, takes months of expensive training to learn, and is often broken and buggy.

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Why Should Your Freight Broker TMS Be Easy-To-Use?

Save Time Booking Every Load

Imagine saving 5 minutes every time you had to fill a rate confirmation, book a load, send a status update or find a PoD. That's the power of great software.

Train New Employees Faster

With easy-to-use software, onboarding new team members on FreightPath becomes simple, instead of taking months to ramp up to speed.

No More Data Entry Mistakes

With easy-to-use software that prevents mistakes before they happen, your team can work faster without messing up key information.

Get Value Right Out Of The Box

Too often, it takes months of training and setup before you get the value promised by your TMS. FreightPath gives it to you right out of the box.

FreightPath TMS - shipment index boardFreightPath TMS - Shipments

Less Jumping Back And Forth In Your TMS

When we looked at the TMS platforms available on the market, we found it always took multiple screens, tabs, and menus just to book a single load.

When you're moving hundreds of shipments as a freight broker, that wasted time jumping back and forth between screens adds up. FreightPath eliminates this with a simple and intuitive way to book loads with any carrier in just a few clicks.

FreightPath TMS - editing a shipment

Add New Shippers And Carriers On The Fly

FreightPath allows freight brokers to book loads on a single page and add new carriers, customers, and shipping locations on the fly - saving time when booking loads with new customers.

FreightPath TMS - shipment details main

Easily Duplicate And Reschedule Past Loads

Oftentimes freight brokers need to book repeating or identical loads. Instead of manually re-creating these each time, FreightPath lets you duplicate load sheets with a single click.

FreightPath TMS - load status dashboard

Easily Edit Your Loads At Any Time

We understand that loads can change anytime in the chaotic world or freight brokering. That's why brokers can edit loads at anytime, directly from your load list or load sheet.

2.5x Less Time Spent On Data Entry

Freight brokers report on average a 2.5x improvement in the time it takes for data entry when companies switch to FreightPath.

This lets you grow your freight brokerage's business without growing your headcount.

FreightPath TMS - creating new shipments
FreightPath TMS - Rates

No More Double Data Entry

No more manually creating rate confirmations with the old office PDF template. Instead, FreightPath creates a professional rate confirmation with your logo using the information in your TMS.

FreightPath TMS - customer portal email automation

Email Documents Automatically

How many times has one of your freight brokers forgotten to email a rate confirmation on time? FreightPath automatically sends documents to the right people at the right time.

FreightPath TMS - shipment details documents tab

Never Lose A Document Again

FreightPath includes free document storage organized for each shipment, with permanent archival storage. Never lose an important rate confirmation or contract again.

See How People Are Using FreightPath TMS To Book Loads Faster

Hundreds of growing freight brokers trust FreightPath's easy-to-use TMS software to improve their efficiency, reduce manual data entry, and book loads faster.

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