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Deliver Five-Star Customer Experiences With Your Own Customer Portal

FreightPath's award-winning customer portal is the best way for your freight brokerage or 3PL to deliver a self-serve booking and tracking experience your shippers will love. And, with unlimited customer portals on every plan, it's infinitely scalable.

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Four Reasons Why Your Freight Brokerage Needs A Customer Portal

Book Orders Instantly Online

Today's shippers expect more self-serve options for booking. The customer portal lets your shippers create an account to book loads through a branded self-serve portal that's synced in real-time to your TMS software.

Track Freight In Real Time Online

Thanks to FreightPath's award-winning track and trace software through our driver mobile app, your customers can track the location and status of their freight in real time through a live map view and freight activity log.

One Simple Solution For Documents

FreightPath already helps you create pro-grade bills of lading, rate confirmations and helps you capture PoDs. Now with the customer portal your shippers have self-serve access to all their documents online.

Take Your Invoicing Process Digital

Thanks to the customer portal, your customers can access, download and sign off on your invoicing online. Communicate changes to payment, new accessorial charges and more with just a few clicks.

FreightPath Is The Only TMS Software That Gives You Unlimited Customer Portals

Unlike other TMS software, FreightPath's award-winning software is the only solution that gives you unlimited customer portals on every plan. That means you don't have to pay hidden fees to get your customers online, and your team can scale operations without unforeseen costs.

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Win More Business With Online Self-Serve Shipment Bookings

FreightPath's award-winning customer portal is the easiest-to-use system to provide self-serve online bookings to your customers.

Invite customers to create an account with a single click, and your customers get instant access to real-time track and trace, online bookings and document management.

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Best-In-Class Track And Trace With No Hardware Required

Save time on check calls and provide self-serve real-time track and trace to your customers through the FreightPath customer portal and driver mobile app.

Since it only requires a driver's smartphone - it's the most accurate and easy-to-use tracking solution that doesn't need expensive hardware, installation or training to implement.

Integrate With Your Email To Provide Real-Time Updates

FreightPath's customer portal has email integration to reduce manual data entry and keep your shippers in the loop, even when they don't have the customer portal open.

With your branding and information it helps you maintain a professional appearance and provide five-star customer service without the manual work.

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Save Money With Built-In Cloud Document Management

Most freight brokers and 3PLs already pay for expensive cloud document management software like Dropbox that's not built for transportation.

FreightPath's customer portal has built-in cloud document management built for freight brokers so you can store, share and organize key documents like bills of lading, rate confirmations, captured PoDs and invoices.

keep Customers Up-To-Date With Your Freight Activity Log

With the customer portal, your shippers can keep up-to-date on important changes and updates to shipments through our innovative freight activity log.

With timestamps and high-level information on delays, status changes, document uploads, stop changes, partial deliveries and more - it's the best solution for freight brokers to communicate with your customers.

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See How People Are Using FreightPath's Customer Portal To Build Winning Digital freight brokerages

Hundreds of growing freight brokers trust FreightPath's powerful customer portal to improve their customer experience, reduce manual data entry, and book loads faster.

Make Your TMS Software Your Competitive Advantage

Get started today with FreightPath's flexible TMS software and see the difference it can make to your 3PL or freight brokerage today.

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