Stand Out From The Competition With An Amazing Customer Experience

Stand out from your competition by providing your shippers with real-time track and trace powered by FreightPath TMS.

FreightPath TMS - track & trace dashboard

Win More Business By Providing Shippers With An Exceptional Track & Trace Experience

Don't get caught in a race to the lowest rate. Today's winning freight brokers build their book of business by providing shippers with a seamless track & trace experience for their freight.

FreightPath gives your shippers real-time location and status visibility into their freight through a customer portal that's easy-to-use and white-labelled with your logo and branding - allowing you to sell to shippers with ease.

FreightPath TMS - shipment details track and trace

Track And Trace Your Loads In Real-Time

With the FreightPath Mobile App it's never been easier to track and trace your loads in real-time. With a driver-friendly user interface it gives you visibility into each driver's location and status

FreightPath Mobile App for Drivers

A Mobile App That Drivers Actually Understand

No more confusion from drivers about how to accept loads or send status updates. The FreightPath Mobile App is built with an intuitive design that makes it easy for drivers to provide the track & trace updates you're looking for.

FreightPath TMS - track & trace dashboard

See All Your Live Updates In One Command Center

Centralize all your live track and trace updates into a single dashboard. FreightPath gives freight brokers the ability to take a bird's eye view and make sure every load is actioned and dispatched properly.

FreightPath TMS - shipment details track and trace

Stop Disputes Before They Start With Load History

FreightPath retains all track and trace updates with timestamps, GPS location, and driver information so there's never any freight disputes with your shippers or carriers - even if questions arise months after the fact.

FreightPath TMS - customer portal

Share Track & Trace With Shippers Through The Customer Portal

FreightPath gives your shippers an easy-to-use customer portal that's white-labelled with your logo and branding to view live track & trace updates.

FreightPath TMS - email automation for shippers

Automatic Email Updates To Your Customers

FreightPath integrates with your email to automatically send updates to your shippers when loads are ready to move - saving you time and preventing costly email mishaps.

FreightPath TMS - customer protal documents

Provide Self-Serve Documents For Your Customers

Save time on customer support by giving your shippers a self-serve portal to access their documents, including signed copies of the rate confirmation, bills of lading, and proofs of delivery.

FreightPath TMS - customer portal

Track & Trace With No Extra Work For You

FreightPath lets you give live track & trace updates to shippers with no manual work. All updates are synced automatically from the driver to your customer portal in real time.

See How Other Freight Brokers Are Using FreightPath TMS To Book Loads Faster

Hundreds of growing freight brokers trust FreightPath's easy-to-use TMS software to improve their efficiency, reduce manual data entry, and book loads faster.

Get The Easiest-To-Use TMS Software For Freight Brokers Risk-Free

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