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Keep Track Of Your Carriers And Customers With CRM Software Built For Freight Brokers And 3PLs

FreightPath's TMS software platform includes our powerful CRM software tools built specifically for the needs of freight brokers and 3PLs - allowing you to keep better track of carrier list and customer list with automation and proactive alerts.

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Why Do Freight Brokers Love FreightPath's CRM Software?

Fully Automated Carrier Onboarding Process

Unlike traditional CRM software that requires you manually enter the contacts and compliance for each individual carrier, FreightPath's CRM software is integrated with our carrier portal - allowing you to send new carriers an onboarding link with a single click. Carriers can fill and update their info themselves, keeping you up to date on key info.

Have Customers Self Manage Contacts And Locations

Whereas traditional TMS software forces you to manually enter new CRM entries for customer contacts and locations, FreightPath's CRM software is integrated with our customer portal, which gives your shippers self-serve access to their contacts, information and shipping locations so that all your information is up to date at all times.

Truly Unlimited Customer And Carrier Portals

Other TMS software vendors with CRM functionality charge you to store your address book, and even more for your customers and or carriers to access a self-serve portal. With FreightPath's CRM software for freight brokers and 3PLs, you can invite as many customers and carriers to your portal as you want, and store unlimited contacts for each with all-inclusive pricing.

Flag Poor Performing Or Paying Carriers And Customers

FreightPath's CRM software allows freight brokers and 3PLs to flag poor performing carriers and delinquent customers to prevent future booking with these carriers and customers until flags are removed. It even automatically tracks insurance expiry and invoicing status to auto-apply flags to carriers with expired insurance and customers who have reached their credit limit.

Make Your TMS Software Your Competitive Advantage

Get started today with FreightPath's flexible TMS software and see the difference it can make to your 3PL or freight brokerage today.

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