Why FreightPath

Communicate With Shippers, Carriers and Drivers Effortlessly With FreightPath's Portal Technology

It's critical for you as a freight broker to communicate information seamlessly within your team and with the partners and customers you work with. Thanks to our innovative portal technology and mobile app, FreightPath takes that communication digital and makes it a breeze.

How Effortless Communication Takes Your Freight BrokerageTo The Next Level

Give Shippers The Amazon Experience

With FreightPath, you can give your clients real-time information with our portal technology and provide a magical Amazon experience for your shippers.

Win More Repeat Client Business

With instant status updates, the ability to request quotes online, FreightPath TMS gives your brokerage tools to stay competitive in the freight broker market.

Reduce Driver Dispatch Headaches

With the innovative driver app, you can get real-time GPS track & trace, status updates and PoD signatures without chasing drivers - saving you time and making their lives easier.

Make Sure Your Carriers Deliver

With our award-winning carrier portal, there's no more confusion about where the rate confirmation is, what needs to be moved, or where your carrier's trucks are at any time.

FreightPath TMS - customer portal

Share Track & Trace With Shippers Through The Customer Portal

FreightPath gives your shippers an easy-to-use customer portal that's white-labelled with your logo and branding to view live track & trace updates.

FreightPath TMS - email automation for shippers

Automatic Email Updates To Your Customers

FreightPath integrates with your email to automatically send updates to your shippers when loads are ready to move - saving you time and preventing costly email mishaps.

FreightPath TMS - customer protal documents

Provide Self-Serve Documents For Your Customers

Save time on customer support by giving your shippers a self-serve portal to access their documents, including signed copies of the rate confirmation, bills of lading, and proofs of delivery.

FreightPath TMS - customer portal

Track & Trace With No Extra Work For You

FreightPath lets you give live track & trace updates to shippers with no manual work. All updates are synced automatically from the driver to your customer portal in real time.

FreightPath TMS - dispatch scheduling

Avoid Dispatching Conflicts With Calendar Scheduling

Keeping track of one driver's schedule is already a headache, let along 10 or 20.

FreightPath organizes and keeps track of all your driver schedules for you, with a visual scheduler so that you always know what your team's day, week, and month looks like.

The Easiest To Use Driver App On The Market

The FreightPath Mobile App was designed with ease-of-use in mind to be convienient for your drivers and owner-operators.

We handle all the tracking in the background, and give drivers one-click reporting for status changes and delays.

FreightPath Mobile App for Drivers

Schedule Loads for Drivers Visually

When dispatching a driver, FreightPath gives you a visual breakdown of each drivers' calendar so you can avoid double-bookings and conflicts.

Dispatch Directly to Drivers' Smartphones

Say goodbye to the days of calling and chasing drivers down to dispatch loads. With FreightPath you can easily send new loads directly to their phone.

Get Live Track & Trace Updates From Drivers

Once accepted, drivers provide real-time GPS tracking and status updates with the FreightPath Mobile App - saving your freight brokerage time.

See How Other Freight Brokers Are Using FreightPath TMS To Book Loads Faster

Hundreds of growing freight brokers trust FreightPath's easy-to-use TMS software to improve their efficiency, reduce manual data entry, and book loads faster.

Get The Easiest-To-Use TMS Software For Freight Brokers Risk-Free

If FreightPath doesn't satisfy your needs in the first 30 days, we'll refund you in full - no questions guaranteed.