Why FreightPath

Grow Your Freight Brokerage Without Growing Your Headcount With Built-In TMS Automation

Join the hundreds of freight brokers using FreightPath to automatically create, send, sign, and store documents like rate confirmations, bills of lading, and proofs of delivery.

Four Manual Freight Brokerage Processes That FreightPath Automates

Automatic Document Generation

Instead of manually filling out rate confirmations, BoLs and invoices, FreightPath automatically creates and fills professional-quality documents with your logo and load information.

Automatic Carrier Tender Emails

Say goodbye to the days of mismanaged emails to carriers and forgotten rate confirmations. FreightPath integrates with your email to automatically tender loads with our portal tech.

Automatic Driver PoD Collection

Instead of losing countless hours chasing drivers for PoDs, FreightPath syncs driver-collected PoDs and esignatures in real-time so you always have the most up-to-date documents.

Automatic Load Status Updates

Instead of a communication nightmare, FreightPath keeps everyone - your team, carriers and shippers - on the same page with real time load status updates through email and our portal tech.

FreightPath TMS - carrier portal

Confirm Rates With Carriers Automatically

FreightPath lets freight brokers get rid of the fax machine once and for all with a completely paperless and easy-to-use rate confirmation process.

FreightPath TMS - editing a shipment

Automatically Create Your Rate Confirmations

As you create your loads, FreightPath automatically creates professional quality PDF rate confirmations for your carriers and shippers with your logo and information.

FreightPath TMS - customer portal email automation

FreightPath Emails Carriers With A Magic Link

When you're ready to book the load and confirm your rates, FreightPath instantly emails your carrier a link to respond to the rate confirmation and track the load, saving brokers valuable time.

FreightPath TMS - carrier portal

Carriers Respond Instantly Via The Magic Link

Using the link, carriers can accept or decline the rate, digitally sign the rate confirmation, and provide status updates for the load - saving your freight brokers time during their day.

Join Hundreds Of Other Freight Brokers Saving Hundreds Of Hours A Week In Manual Tasks

Running a successful freight brokerage still relies on getting basic paperwork created and signed like rate confirmations, bills of lading, and proofs of delivery. Gettings these documents created, sent, printed, signed, faxed and stored wastes your brokerage agents hundreds of hours a day.

Leave this work to FreightPath and get your day back - it automatically creates and sends professional-quality rate confirmations, bills of lading, and proofs of delivery and gives your carriers and shippers convenient ways to sign electronically.

FreightPath Mobile App for Drivers

Collect Proofs of Delivery And E-Signatures From Drivers Seamlessly

Instead of waiting for your carriers to fax signed copies of the proof of delivery, FreightPath lets drivers instantly sign bills of lading and collect photo PoDs from their phone.

FreightPath TMS - dispatch scheduling

Dispatch A Load To A Driver With A Single Click

With the FreightPath Mobile App, freight brokers can dispatch a load to a driver's smartphone and check their schedule with a single click - no emails or phone calls necessary.

FreightPath TMS -

Instantly Attach Photo PoDs For your loads

Never lose track of your proofs of delivery again with the FreightPath Mobile App. Drivers can attach and upload photo PoDs in real time so that your brokerage is always up to date.

FreightPath TMS - proof of delivery esignatures

Collect Signatures directly on your smartphone

No more waiting for carriers to fax or mail copies of signed PoDs - get it instantly at the time of delivery with PoD e-signatures directly from your drivers' smartphone.

See How Other Freight Brokers Are Using FreightPath TMS To Book Loads Faster

Hundreds of growing freight brokers trust FreightPath's easy-to-use TMS software to improve their efficiency, reduce manual data entry, and book loads faster.

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