The TMS Designed For 3PLs with Complex, unique operations.

Every 3PL business is unique - whether you handle white glove projects, provide managed freight solutions to shippers, or work in specialized industries - FreightPath's flexible TMS software adapts to your uniquely complex needs.

Industry-Leading TMS Flexibility Designed For 3PLs Of Any Size.

Until now, the only way to get fully customized and integrated TMS software was for 3PLs to build it themselves in-house. Not only is this from-scratch software development expensive, it's often rushed, poorly done with outsourced developers, and results in a slow, unresponsive, and cumbersome solution for end-users.

FreightPath is the only TMS software designed specifically for 3PLs with these types of complex operations - providing both the flexibility and customization of a in-house software solution and the reliability, scalability, and ease-of-use of an out-of-the-box cloud-based solution.

Flexible TMS Software Built With Your Input.

We draw on our decades of logistics IT consulting expertise to work with your company stakeholders to design a TMS software solution that works for your unique business.

Mitigate the risks of internal software development.

3PLs incur significant risks when they develop their own software solutions, including the cost of software support, deployment, and scalability on top of initial development and installation costs.

FreightPath eliminates these risks entirely while still offering the flexibility of a fully custom solution by managing scalability, reliability, and support on a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model.

Get a flexible Solution that supports unique operations.

With the most flexible cloud-based TMS software solution on the market, FreightPath accommodates the full range of 3PL operations from white-glove delivery to fully managed freight projects.

With decades of supply chain IT consulting expertise, FreightPath works with your operations team to design and implement a solution with a similar level of fit as an
internally developed solution.

accountability Is Our Priority for All project deliverables.

It's critical that accountability for the timely and above-satisfactory development, testing, implementation, and support of deliverables for any 3PL.

That's why FreightPath follows industry best practices with a strict adherence to delivery schedules and requirements blueprinting to guarantee our industry-leading speed of implementation across any 3PL TMS software solution.

The Only Cloud-Based TMS That Handles 3PL Projects With Ease.

FreightPath is the only cloud-based TMS software that's built with the flexibility to handle complex white-glove and managed freight projects - even for industries like pharmaceuticals or mining.

Organize Your Project's Shipments, Tasks, And Requirements.

Unlike other TMS software solutions with rigid structures designed only to handle trucking or transportation, FreightPath gives your team the flexibility to properly communicate the requirements of complex projects that require dependencies, tasks, requirements, and multi-step shipments.

This reduces miscommunication and allows operations to complete projects and issue invoices quickly and accurately.

Exception-based Automation Designed For High Volume.

With a dashboard that shows operations the exact shipments that are at risk and need to be actioned, FreightPath allows 3PLs to provide exceptional client satisfaction without increasing headcount.

By allowing operations and dispatchers to focus on exceptions instead of completing routine tasks manually, FreightPath provides teams with an over 2x increase is performance based on volume.

Enterprise-Ready Document Automation And Management.

It's critical for operations that documents like bills of lading, rate confirmations, and proofs of delivery to be always available and prepared on time.

FreightPath automatically generates professional quality bills of lading and rate confirmations, provides eSignature options to get documents executed faster, and includes secure built-in cloud storage for documents like vendor insurance.

Flexible TMS Features for any 3PL

FreightPath has a complete suite of features that help 3PLs of any size automate manual processes, increase operations efficiency, and grow their book of business.

Manage Customers

Keep billing, preferred carriers, shipping locations, and preferences organized

Search by Identifier

Easy sort through carrier lists with support for major operating identifiers

Carrier Packets

Easily add and share carrier insurance packets with customers from FreightPath

Sales Assignment

Track sales rep commission and responsibility right inside FreightPath

Driver Pay

Track driver pay, freight cost, and export to excel and csv from FreightPath

Lane History

Get real-time feedback on your performance and profits by lane

Mobile Driver App

Easily dispatch to drivers and carriers with the FreightPath Driver App for iOS and Android

Customer Portal

Share tracking, documents, and alerts with customers in real time

Real-Time Tracking

Track shipments in real time using the FreightPath mobile app.

Delay Tracking

Communicate with drivers and provide instant delay and detention tracking

Activity Feed

Get a central dashboard view of all your in-transit shipments and their live status

Shared Documents

Upload unlimited documents to share securely with clients and carriers

Instant PoD

Automatically collect proof of delivery through digital signature or photo

Digital Paperwork

Automatically create and share pdf bills of lading and rate confirmations

Carrier Portal

Empower carriers to provide real time tracking, dispatch, and more

Digital Rate Con

Secure rates and dispatch to carriers with FreightPath's innovative digital rate con

See How 3PLs Are Using FreightPath TMS To Deliver On Improved Operations Efficiency.

Industry-leading 3PLs trust FreightPath to provide the most flexible cloud-based TMS software to automate manual process and improve client satisfaction without increasing headcount.

Get The Most Flexible TMS Software Risk-Free Today.

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