FreightPath Info Package For Modern Supply Chain

Download our printable 13 page info package on FreightPath. Learn how our flexible cloud TMS fits into your modern logistics operations.

TMS Software That Adapts, No Matter The Size Of Your Operations

FreightPath is the most flexible cloud-based TMS software solution specifically designed to handle the challenge of managing and automating operations - whether you handle delicate pharmaceuticals or haul fuel in the mining industry.

Eliminate The Risks With Custom Software

Modern logistics teams incur significant risks when they develop their own software solutions, like the cost of support, deployment, and scalability on top of initial development costs.

Get Advice From Proven Experts

With decades of logistics IT consulting expertise,FreightPath works with your operations team to design and implement a solution with a similar level of fit as an internally developed solution.

The Only Cloud-Based TMS That Handles Complex Supply Chain Operations

FreightPath is the only cloud TMS software that's built with the flexibility to handle complex logistics tasks- even for industries like pharmaceuticals or mining. Get unprecedented flexibility while retaining the ease of use from a cloud-based SaaS solution.

Exception-Based Automation

By allowing operations to focus on exceptions instead of completing routine tasks manually,FreightPath provides teams with an over 2x increase is performance based on volume.

Enterprise-Ready Document Automation

FreightPath automatically generates professional quality bills of lading and rate confirmations and includes secure built-in cloud storage for documents like vendor insurance.

The Modern Logistics Challenge

Finding, rating, planning, and dispatching shipments is too complicated today for manual and pen and paper methods.

Too Many Manual Processes

The reliance of many logistics teams today on manual processes and methods like pen and paper note taking, a paper trail for each shipment, and recording delivery statuses on excel spreadsheets creates hundreds of wasted hours every week for everyone on the floor. This adds up to millions of dollars of lost time every year.

Unscalable Employee Processes

Turnover is the silent killer - the costs to rehire and retrain new employees in an unscalable process get out of hand fast.Without a scalable process, turnover risk is increased, and the ability to adapt and change course is lost. This reduced flexibility increases costs and puts the business at risk of falling into obsolescence.

Lack Of Client Visibility

The costs of traditional client support and customer experience are incredibly expensive - requiring vast teams in callcenters placing check calls on carriers and relaying information back to clients. This increases the risk of data entry errors and keeps customers in the dark about the status of their freight.

Miscommunication Errors

The reliance on phone calls, email threads, and a physical paper trail leads more often than not towards miscommunication errors between dispatch, planning, accounting, and management. This is before the shipment is communicated with shippers, receivers, and carriers - all of which create points of failure in the chain of communication.

The FreightPath Solution

At FreightPath we use technology to provide a flexible adaptive solution for the problems modern logistics teams face.

Exception Based Automation

Instead of updating every customer about their shipments manually through check calls and emails, FreightPath automatically shares shipment status updates, important changes, and delay alerts via email and through the FreightPath customer portal to keep your team and your clients on top of every order and shipment.

Purpose-Built Intuitive Software

FreightPath is designed with an easy-to-use and easy-to-learn workflow that is proven to reduce onboarding and training time. It’s available on any device with just an internet connection, and is even mobile friendly so your team can send quotes, post to load boards, update shipments, collect invoices, and communicate with clients on the go.

Real-Time Shipment Status Reporting

FreightPath cuts your operations team’s daily workload on status reports by over 70% on average. Instead of manually updating status, FreightPath collects and aggregates information from carriers and drivers and automatically flags shipments with delays and mistakes to keep your team and clients up to date in real time.

Invite Clients and Carriers

Cut out the miscommunication with clients and carriers by inviting them into your TMS through client and customer portals. There’s no easier way to keep everyone on the same page with shipment updates, updated insurance packages, safety requirements, and exception notifications. Clients can even book their own orders directly in your TMS.

Advanced Visibility With Real Time Status And Location Tracking

FreightPath connects with your carriers and drivers to provide you with up-to-the minute status updates on all your shipments. With the power of third party integrations, it can even provide real-time location tracking.

Comprehensive Shipment Activity Feed

Get the full picture on your shipments with a comprehensive activity feed with timestamps, location, notes and assignee information for your team, carriers, and clients.

GPS Location Tracking Integrations

Integrate with your own tracking devices, ELDs, or third party services to provide real-time GPS location tracking directly within your FreightPath activity feed.

Send Invoices And Settlements Directly From FreightPath

Automatically create professional-looking freight invoices and settlements in seconds usingFreightPath’s invoicing and accounting features. Keep track of payment terms, due dates, invoice statuses and any accessorial charges your operations require.

Get Notified Of Late Payments

FreightPath helps your accounting team stay on top of open, late, delinquent, and uncollectible invoices using smart invoice status tagging and automatic notifications.

Integrate Directly With Factoring

Along with direct or collect pay, FreightPath supports third-party integration with a variety of factoring and advance payment services through our open API. Contact us for more information.

How Tretan Inc Reduced Time Spent On Shipment Updates By 75% With FreightPath

In the mining industry, real-time visibility is the name of the game and every minute can cost millions. Harry Driedger and his team at TretanI nc were able to deliver on this promise thanks to their new FreightPath TMS.

“We are in the service business and we want to provide our customers with as much value as possible. FreightPath has helped us in increasing our service level as well as helped us get organized in the back office”
Harry Driedger CEO of Tretan Inc

The central pillar of any 3PL is exceptional customer service. It’s the key differentiator that grows your brand, retains existing clients, and builds long term partnerships for maximum success.

In the mining and energy sector where Tretan Inc specializes, it’s crucial that every stakeholder involved knows when and where materials and equipment are. With the scale of these operations, each hour of time lost due to delivery uncertainty is immense. To mitigate these risks, the Tretan team turned to FreightPath TMS to provide:

Real Time Status Updates: Receive instant shipment status changes from carriers and drivers and relay the information to clients.

Exception-Based Automation: Intelligent notifications and status updates to help operations keep track of urgent requests.

Customer Portal: Allow clients to book shipments directly in TMS and view status updates without phone calls or emails.

De-Risk Projects with Advanced Visibility

The first thing that FreightPath was able to do for Tretan was to provide advanced track and trace for all of its shipments through an easy to use and simple system. The Tretan team didn’t have the time to implement a complex tracking solution, and Tretan’s drivers wanted to control when their trucks were being tracked. The existing solutions available on the market - like integrated GPS tags - were either too complex, too expensive, or both.

FreightPath changed this by providing a simple and easy-to-use app that allowed Tretan to dispatch shipments to drivers, and gave drivers the ability to send status updates, proofs of delivery, and eSignatures. With real-time information on shipments, project stakeholders were able to lower both short and long term risk by predicting and planning for delays, thus lowering costs.

Automation and Workflow Enhancements

The second piece of the puzzle was streamlining the workflow of receiving and fulfilling booking requests from project managers. Before implementing FreightPath, booking requests had to be made over the phone or email through a chain of command becoming a literal game of broken telephone.Not only did this increase the chance of costly errors in the shipping process, it was a tedious process that drained shipdesk and dispatch employees alike. Nobody wants to be stuck to hours processing paperwork and filling out forms for bureaucracy’s sake.

FreightPath was able to completely transform this process by introducing a customer portal for Tretan. Through this online portal, clients could book shipments with Tretan instantly, without any phone tag. This cut time spent on dispatching by over 75% - especially since these documents and details could be shared directly with customers through a portal or web link without emails or calls. This allowedTretan to provide service that was faster, more cost effective, and less error-prone than their competitors.

Onboarding and Implementation

None of these other benefits could be realized if the platform wasn’t implemented on time and on budget. This is where a flexible cloud-based system like FreightPath excels.Without any need for expensive hardware, FreightPath was able to train, implement, and onboard Tretan in under a week’s time. This type of white glove onboarding and ongoing support made sure that every aspect of the customer journey was as frictionless as possible for the stakeholders at Tretan.

What Tretan Achieved - A Quick Recap

Over $19 Million in new business won.

Over 75% savings in time spent on dispatch.

Over 4000 shipments/month processed.

Standard Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Pricing

All prices are listed per-user in USD, and are due at the beginning of each payment cycle. All plans include standard features, training, and customer support. Custom configuration and integration may result in additional one-time and recurring charges.

FreightPath Essential

Designed for small-medium businesses, FreightPath Essential supports up to 100 shipments a month across your organization, with user seats starting at $24.99/month. FreightPath also offers discounted graduated pricing for organizations looking for over 10 seats.

For the first 1 to 10 user seats - $24.99 per user per month or $249.99 per user per year

For the next 11 to 100 user seats - $18.75 per user per month or $187.49 per user per year

For the rest - $12.49 per user per month or $124.99 per user per year

FreightPath Business

Designed for scaling 3PLs, FreightPath Business supports an unlimited number of shipments per month across your organization, with user seats starting at $49.99/month. FreightPath offers discounted graduated pricing for organizations looking for over 10 seats

In addition to the standard features that come with FreightPath Essential, FreightPath Business gives you the ability to customize user permissions, create custom roles, white label your TMS, and integrate with third party tools via API (may be subject to additional charges).

For the first 1 to 10 user seats - $49.99 per user per month or $499.99 per user per year

For the next 11 to 100 user seats - $37.49 per user per month or $374.99 per user per year

For the rest - $24.99 per user per month or $249.99 per user per year

FreightPath Enterprise

Designed for established businesses with complex needs, FreightPath Enterprise supports an unlimited number of shipments per month across your organization, with user seats starting at$99.99/month, with discounted graduated pricing for quantities greater than 10.

Along with the features found in FreightPath Business, FreightPath Enterprise includes full integration with EDI feeds (including 204, 210, and 214), organize users into teams, and includes10 hours of professional configuration (additional hours at standard cost, see next page).

For the first 1 to 10 user seats - $99.99 per user per month or $999.99 per user per year

For the next 11 to 100 user seats - $74.99 per user per month or $749.99 per user per year

For the rest - $49.99 per user per month or $499.99 per user per year

Enterprise Configuration and Integration

For projects requiring complex configuration or API/EDI integration, FreightPath offers professional consulting and implementation at industry-leading rates.

Implementation Methodology

FreightPath uses a proven implementation methodology that puts your processes and people at the center of this business transformation.

Assess (Fit-Gap) - 1-3 week process to develop a project timeline and schedule to go from high level objectives to concrete steps. This includes identifying relevant stakeholders, solution blueprinting workshops, and project kick-off.

Configure (Test) - 2-12 week process to configure the solution based on project blueprints, perform any required data migration, and perform user-acceptance testing. Additional deliverables include any integration with third-party systems (EDI or API) . This phase will conclude with sign-off from relevant stakeholders.

Training (Go-Live) - 1-3 week process to deliver and train stakeholders with the functioning live solution. This involves training through a train-the-trainer approach, hand-off to customer support (or dedicated CSM if HyperCare is purchased), and final system readiness changes.

Pricing and Payment Terms

FreightPath Enterprise Configuration and Integration requires the purchase of the EnterprisePlan of FreightPath. The first 10 hours are included as part of your monthly or annual FreightPath Enterprise subscription with a minimum order quantity of 10 seats.

All prices are listed per-user in USD, and are due at the beginning of each payment cycle. All configuration includes blueprinting, ongoing consultation, support, and HyperCare. For specific questions on enterprise configuration, please contact

For the first 1 to 10 hours - Included with FreightPath Enterprise

For the next 11 to 20 hours - $109.99 per hour

For the next 21 to 30 hours - $99.99 per hour

For the rest - $89.99 per hour

Additional Configuration Options

All additional configuration options are one-time fees.

Standard HyperCare - $499.99 - Dedicated CSM with 8/5 hours

Extended HyperCare - $999.99 - Dedicated CSM with 24/7 hours

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