Shipper CRM

Stay on top of your freight brokerage's shipper list

FreightPath's Shipper CRM doesn't just let you book loads faster, it helps your store key information on shipper contacts and location-specific information like loading instructions.

Four Ways The FreightPath Shipper CRM Helps Brokers Work Faster

Invite Shippers To Self-Manage Their Information

Only FreightPath's Shipper CRM lets you invite shippers to self-manage their contact information and shipping locations as part of the customer portal.

Add Shippers On The Fly While Booking Loads

Instead of forcing your freight brokers to go to a separate page when adding new shippers, FreightPath lets them add info on the fly when booking loads.

Store Unlimited Shippers And Locations

Unlike other software solutions that charge you to store your shipper list, FreightPath gives your freight brokerage unlimited shippers and locations.

Shipping Location Instructions Sync To Drivers

Instead of manually entering driver instructions for each load, FreightPath automatically syncs shipping location instructions to loads for drivers.

One-Click Search For All Your Shipper Information

Easily find the shipper you're looking for with one-click search across all your shipper information and shipping locations.

Invite Shippers To Self-Manage Their Information

Eliminate manual data entry for your freight brokers by inviting shippers to self-manage their profile and shipping locations.

Save Driver Instructions For Each Shipping Location

FreightPath lets your freight brokers save contacts, appointment requirements, and additional notes for each shipping locations - making it easier for drivers to know where to go when delivering loads.

FreightPath TMS - Location Editing

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