Meet The Infinitely Customizable, Insanely Powerful Tool For Managing 3PL Operations

Your team's operations deserve a tool that's flexible, powerful and customized for your specific workflow. FreightPath's Shipment DataGrid is the infinitely customizable, insanely powerful tool that gives you deep search capabilities, custom views, instant reporting and more in one easy-to-use package.

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Meet The New Shipment DataGrid. Insanely Powerful, Even Easier To Use

Universal Search Across All Text In All Your Shipments

Make finding the right shipment a breeze with intelligent universal search across all text fields in all shipment data. Say goodbye to the days of hunting for specific jobs or having to memorize twenty reference numbers just to find a load.

Deep Filters And Queries On All Your Shipment Data

Get deep insights into the health of your operations. Create pro-level profitability reporting, lane analysis and more without having to write a line of SQL thanks to deep filters and query ability for all of your shipment data.

Customize Your DataGrid For Your Exact Operations

FreightPath's Shipment DataGrid is the only solution in any TMS software that gives you near unlimited options for customization to create and save views with preset columns, filters, queries, and date ranges.

One Click Exports Of Custom Views To Excel Or CSV

You asked, we answered. With the new Shipment Datagrid, you can now export customized excel-compatible csv reports with the data your team needs to run accounting, clear PoDs, pay drivers or carriers, and much more.

Universal Search Across Text In Any Shipment

The FreightPath Shipment DataGrid's universal search queries results across all text in all your shipments, so you can always find exactly what you're looking for.

freightpath shipment datagrid universal search tms software
freightpath shipment datagrid deep filters queries customization tms software

create Deep queries for New Insights

FreightPath's Shipment DataGrid is the only solution for 3PLs that gives you SQL levels of flexibility into queries and filters so you can get deeper insights into the health of your 3PL.

Create, combine and save different filter combinations with operators including number comparison, text manipulation, status multiple-select, date ranges and more.

Customize And Save your Favorite Views

The FreightPath Shipment DataGrid gives you the power to not just customize and create, but also save your favourite views so that it's easier to navigate your shipments than ever.

Choose which columns are shown, which filters and queries are applied, how many lines are shown, and specific date ranges for shipments so that you can manage your operations faster and more efficiently.

freightpath shipment datagrid customization save views dashboard tms software
freightpath shipment datagrid excel csv reporting export data tms software

Export Your Views To Excel With A Single Click

We know how important it is for 3PLs and freight brokers to be able to easily export csv reports of their data in their TMS software.

The FreightPath Shipment DataGrid gives you unparalleled flexibility to export all the results of your queries and saved views to excel-compatible csv format with a single click.

Four Ideas For How To use The Shipment DataGrid

Run Weekly Or Monthly Batch Invoicing

Easily run batch invoicing at the end of every week or monthly by selecting the data you need and filtering for the last week or month. Share it with accounting with one-click csv exports.

Create Custom Views For Each Team Member

Better collaboration is easy when you can keep your dispatchers, sales agents and accountants on the same page with individual views based on status, queries and more.

Create A High Priority Issue Dashboard

Make sure management is focused with an exception based approach by creating a view for high priority or in-error shipments that need to be actioned ASAP.

Run Quarterly Lane Pricing Analysis Reports

Make sure you're always getting the best price for your loads by running lane pricing analysis. Just filter for the right lane between any two locations.

“With FreightPath, the ability to track freight, complete paperwork, and share updates within seconds has become invaluable; not just for my team but for my customers and carriers too.”
Tandricus Thomas, Dispatch My Load
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