One-Click Excel Exports of your Freight Brokerage Data

FreightPath gives you one-click, infinitely configurable excel reports of your freight brokerage's shipment history. Whether you need to send last week's activity to your accountant or want to store data in your own archive, FreightPath Reports makes it easy.

Four Ways To Use Reports In Your Freight Brokerage

Send Last Weeks Completed Loads To Accounting

Simply select last week as the report range, filter status to complete, and select the right data to export. FreightPath send the final csv straight to your email inbox.

Get a month-End Report Of An Agent's Work

For each agent, simple filter by assignee, select the last month as the report range, and select the right data to export. FreightPath sends the final csv straight to your email inbox.

Send a summary of account for your shippers

At year's end, FreightPath can send a csv format summary of account for each of your shippers. Just select the last year as the report range, and filter by customer to create your summary of account.

get the tracking codes for all loads on a lane

Tracking codes can get confusing pretty quick - to get all the codes for a single lane, just filter the origin city and destination city to the correct lane, select tracking code and click export.

Create One-Click Custom Reports In Excel Format

Easily create custom reports in csv format with a single click - giving you control over your data and the freedom to share it however you'd like.

Create anything from year-end statements of account to week-end breakdowns of freight brokerage agent performance.

Get Reports Sent Straight To your Email Inbox

FreightPath lets you integrate your email so you get your custom reports sent directly to your email inbox.

Easily forward the shareable link to accountants, shippers or any else for secure report downloads.

Endlessly Configurable Reports For Your Freight Brokerage

FreightPath gives you complete control over what your report looks like, with filters to control time, lane, status, assignee and more.

Plus, specify what data to export so your final reports are concise and easy-to-read.

Get The Easiest-To-Use TMS Software For Freight Brokers Risk-Free

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