Rate Management

Keep Track Of All Your Carrier And Shipper Rates

Avoid confusion when you're quoting your carriers and shippers with FreightPath's built-in rate management tools built specifically for the needs of freight brokers. Log base and accessorial rates separately, track payment status and much more.

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Four Ways FreightPath Rates Helps Your Freight Brokerage Save Time

Easily calculate the margin for each load

By tracking both shipper and carrier rates, FreightPath gives your freight brokers easy visibility into their per-load margin - helping your brokerage earn more.

Calculate Expected Taxes Automatically

FreightPath Rates saves your accountants time by calculating expected taxes even before loads are ready to be invoiced - speeding up your time to payment.

Record Rates For Multiple Currencies

With cross-border business significant for many freight brokers in North America, FreightPath lets you record carrier and shipper rates in separate currencies.

Sync Payment Status With Accounting

FreightPath Rates lets your brokers and dispatchers communicate better with accounting by easily syncing the payment status for each rate on a load.

Log Revenue And Expenses Separately

Other TMS's have oversimplified rates that fail to capture the complexity of modern freight brokerages.

FreightPath allows you to create and log status for any kind of rate - with an intuitive interface that makes it easy to log revenue and expenses with separate line item types and quantities.

Edit Rates On The Fly Without Limits

Even once confirmed, your rates can change as cancellations, delays and freight changes.

FreightPath allows you to keep your carriers, shippers and team on the same page by editing rates on the fly - including base rates, accessorial charges, taxes, currency and even the bill-to and pay-to parties.

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