Create, Fill And Send Rate Confirmations With A Single Click

FreightPath makes your job as a freight broker or 3PL simple again - no more filling out rate confirmations manually, waiting for carriers and customers to respond over email or chasing after paper signatures.

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Four Ways FreightPath Saves You Time With Rate Confirmations

Create Rate Confirmations In A Single Click

A typical PDF rate confirmation can take freight brokers 15 minutes to fill out - whereas FreightPath can do it digitally with your branding and information in a single click, with no data entry errors.

Share Instantly With Carriers and Customers

Say goodbye to the days of sending rate confirmations and waiting for responses via email. Share rate confirmations instantly through the customer portal and carrier portal.

Access Your Documents from Anywhere

Just like Dropbox, FreightPath stores your created documents securely in the cloud - letting you access rate confirmations at anytime, even from your smartphone or tablet.

Digital Signing For Rate Confirmations

With the customer portal and carrier portal, your shippers and carriers can review digital copies of rate confirmations and sign digitally, without ever having to print a thing.

Create Digital Rate Confirmations With A single Click

Why spend hours creating pdf templates and filling them when you can create professional-quality rate confirmations with FreightPath?

It instantly fills all the required shipment info, long with customizable legal text, your logo and more.

FreightPath TMS - Rate confirmation paperwork automationFreightPath TMS - Rate Confirmation paperwork automation

Get More Done With Fully Digital Paperwork

Why pay for multiple systems like Dropbox and create extra work when FreightPath comes with built-in secure document management on the cloud?

WIth one integrated solution, FreightPath is the perfect tool for freight brokers and 3PLs looking to simply and speed up their operations

Digital Rate Confirmation Access And Signing

Take your freight brokerage to the next level with digital rate confirmation access and signing through our customer portal and carrier portal.

Your partners can review shipments, accept or decline terms and conditions along with much more self-service capability online with just a single login.

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“With FreightPath, the ability to track freight, complete paperwork, and share updates within seconds has become invaluable; not just for my team but for my customers and carriers too.”
Tandricus Thomas, Dispatch My Load
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