Book Loads In Under Two Minutes

Say goodbye to wasted time. FreightPath lets freight brokerages book loads faster with an intuitive design that eliminates annoying submenus, page reloads, and workflows that make no sense.

Four Ways FreightPath Speeds Up Your Freight Brokerage

Duplicate Loads With One Click

Speed up the creation of similar or repeating loads with single-click copy and schedule for all of your loads.

Integrated With Google Maps

Say goodbye to manually entering in addresses. Just start typing and FreightPath autofills the rest for you.

Add New Details On The Fly

No more jumping back and forth to add new shippers or carriers. Just add to your address book on the fly.

Edit Your Loads At Any Time

We know that freight brokers are constantly updating loads - that's why you can edit loads anytime without restriction.

Save Time Where It Matters Most

Saving ten minutes booking each load might not seem like a lot of time, but it adds up. For freight brokers doing 100 loads a month, that's 16 hours - two full work days. For a broker doing 1000 loads, that's 160 hours - a full employee working 40 hour weeks.

Eliminate Costly Data Entry Mistakes

FreightPath doesn't just help your freight brokerage book loads faster - the same time-saving automation also prevents costly manual data entry mistakes. In real-world use, freight brokers see up to a 70% reduction in load booking errors thanks to FreightPath.

Get The Easiest-To-Use TMS Software For Freight Brokers Risk-Free

If FreightPath doesn't satisfy your needs in the first 30 days, we'll refund you in full - no questions guaranteed.